Adieu, 2021!

Friday, December 31, 2021

2021 has been a let-down of a year, but maybe that's just my negative self-talk I've been trying to overcome since the pandemic started.

The year brought about a lot of things in our household, not so good ones, situations we quietly decided to remain outside SNS. Sleepless nights, people got sick, plans and dreams that weren't fulfilled...

But there were also mighty good ones. Things we weren't able to do in 2020, stuff we missed from our "Past Life" were somehow attained this time.

With that, through struggles and unmentioned pains, highs and lows, we end the year again still feeling that maybe.. maybe next year it will be better. Never give up on that hope okay? We don't need fancy resolutions and achievements this time around, but deciding to live and get through all these alive and still together is enough for me to still call it a happy year.


1. Another round of curated Box Projects for #AnagonCupsleeves! 

-For all 7 BTS Members! 

-2 KDramas (True Beauty, Vincenzo)

-BTS 8th Anniversary

-Cha Eunwoo's Birthday, 

-Butter's Release. 

May I never runout of good idea, original gifts, creative boxes in the coming year. I have to break this curse where I get easily discouraged whenever I see other sprouting businesses selling similar stuff as mine. 

2. With everyone's support, we were able to put up a billboard in EDSA for Suga's Birthday. Never thought I'll be able to pull this off ever! It was fun and fulfilling to see it up in the skies, as my friends and I cheered "Happy Birthday Yoongi!" together.

3. Learned new things - Joined a Korean Language Class (Jan-Dec), 1-day Online Pottery Workshop. My form of escape now, since we can't travel, is learning and trying new things.

4. Finally... Hangouts! How I missed this! 3D Cafe, Flower Cafe, BTS Pop-Ups, Kko Kko Borahae, watched the BTS Online Concert together with my Chingus. This made not being able to fly to LA bearable. I really pray I'll see BTS live with them!

5. Day-trips with family - Costales Farm, Tagaytay Day-trip. Breath of fresh air for everyone, most especially my senior folks.

6. Ate's Wedding, Ate's Baby Gender Reveal - Happy new experiences for our family that happened this year!

7. Whole Family Got Fully Vaccinated!

8. First plane ride since the pandemic! Solo trip to Boracay, met up with Paxie and Nico

9. Talked in front of a live audience about something I am very passionate about (Korea Travel). I missed this!

10. First Travel Events in 2 years! Mindoro, Taal Vista Hotel. Scuba diving in Puerto Galera.

Happy New Year, everyone! 

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