What Is Your Message?

Monday, December 27, 2021

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Last week’s homily struck me more than Sunday masses has ever made an impact on me for the longest time. Father Jerry Orbos had meaningful words that felt reassuring, provoking me to think, my go-signal to transfer to his online church.    

Father Jerry asked us “What is your message?” Our little actions, reactions, the things we say during a conversation with a new person, the things we bring up in our group chat, what we post on our SNS… These things may be rather in-passing photos and captions, but actually builds up to who we are as a person and what people surrounding us will absorb or perceive us to be. Are we positive influencers? Are we inspiring? Do we trigger past traumas? Are we warm, or just braggy? I know that we shouldn’t be motivated by other people’s opinions of us, but it is also important to be self-aware of what we put out in the world. In the end, being a good change or impactful social media person is a better goal than someone who just do not care.

So anyway, back to the big question:


BTS RM said in his UN Speech years ago, SPEAK YOURSELF. But what do we talk about?

This got me thinking how I was in the past years as a blogger and social media person. Ive always wanted to be seen as a friend, someone that you can feel comfortable with or relate to. I also want to become a source of inspiration to young women, who is just threading life the best way she can at the moment. I want to project PASSION, HARD WORK, and living her life (and not just making a living).

My MESSAGE isn’t clear yet, so maybe this is something I can look into in the coming year. To search for that message, maybe even discover an ultimate PURPOSE for doing what I do. It will be great to find my personal ADVOCACY that’s really close to my heart. Are you also evoked to look for your life's meaning again? Did it changed since the pandemic happened?

As the world is slowly recovering, which I’d like to believe will bring back opportunities again, I want to walk out our doors more motivating, more whole, with more specific driving forces by being true to the MESSAGE I believe I carry.     

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