foodpanda celebrates the women behind your orders

Tuesday, March 08, 2022

The need for food deliveries increased when the pandemic hit. But Filipino women are known to be quick to adapt to challenges and be always on top of their game, even in a male-dominated industry.

In celebration of International Women’s Month, foodpanda highlights the stories and experiences of these bold female foodpanda riders.


Julie is the modern-day Hermes but also a warrior for her two children, a 17-year-old and an 8-year-old, whom she raises by herself. She wants nothing more than to provide and be present in their lives — a desire embedded into her heart, born out of the pre-pandemic compromise of living far away to work for a canteen.

But it all changed when the lockdowns were imposed. With no job, she returned home. But there, she found light amidst the darkness and her prime motivators —  her children.

Through a sibling, she discovered foodpanda and its rider program. But as a single parent, she found herself on the receiving end of questions regarding work-life balance, to which she explains, “Yong hapon pa po biyahe, tapos umaga, para po sa anak ko.”

“Nakakaya ko na lang. Nagugulat ako minsan na tapos na pala araw ko,” she adds.

Her advice to the next generation of women? “Wag susuko agad. Hindi naman dahilan na sumuko dahil walang katuwang.”


Maria has worn multiple hats throughout her lifetime: a single mother of three, a confidant to her peers, and now the Nanay of Angeles City’s foodpanda riders.

Three years ago, bar-goers knew her as a bar manager of 17 years, but things have changed. She was back to square one at the start of the pandemic, but foodpanda came into the conversation.

She took the plunge despite her age since she wasn’t new to the main component of the job: riding motorcycles. She started at 18 and would frequently go on multiple rides with her friends at the time.

Now, as a foodpanda rider, she finds it quite nostalgic as though she’s reliving her younger years.

“Pero in the sense na, sabihin natin, kinailangan lang? Hindi lang doon, kasi nag-eenjoy ako sa ginagawa ko,” she says.

As a rider, she never felt criticized for her age nor for being a woman. Instead, she was showered with praises.

She’s learned enough from the experience but there’s one things she wants to share to the next generation: “Ang gagawin ay magtutulungan. Lalo na sa hirap sa buhay, kailangan tulungan talaga.”


Sherry is a single parent of two and a proud member of the Igorot tribe, which instilled beliefs and ethics that helped mold her into who she is now — someone who believes in not sitting around and waiting for blessings.

She left her job overseas due to a health issue in 2019, but when asked to return, the pandemic hit and she couldn’t. But that didn’t stop her from seeking other ways. Eventually, she found foodpanda’s pandaTODA program and applied.

Through foodpanda, she’s able to be with her family while finding enjoyment in the day-to-day challenges. “Para lang ako nagjojoyride sa araw-araw,” she says.

But being a woman in a male-dominated field means being referred to as “Kuya” often. Many are surprised to find out she’s not a man, and she takes this with pride. She recounts a moment where a customer said, "Uy, babae si ate. Kaya niya."

“Hindi kumo babae ka, parang idodoubt mo sarili mo na may limitasyon ang kaya mong gawin. As long as kaya mo at kaya ng katawan mo, go,” she adds.

In honor of all women, foodpanda enjoins everyone to celebrate with the help of voucher codes available throughout the month.


        For the women who work hard, now it’s time to play hard

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        For the young women whose dreams are larger than life

Use the code: FREEDOM (from Mar 9-10)

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        For the mothers, whose love is the strongest in the world

Use the code: NURTURE (from Mar 14-15)

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        For the women who break sweat, not heards

Use the code: ACTIVE (from Mar 30-31)

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      Use code: GIRLPOWER 

      10% OFF, ₱599 MOV (₱100 max discount)



      Use code: CONFIDENT

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      Use code: BEAUTIFUL

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      Use code: INDEPENDENT

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