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Saturday, May 21, 2022

The last time I went to Sorsogon was for a school field trip during the early 2000s. It was part of our high school elective to travel around the Philippines. We went to the beaches, and used film cameras and our journal to document our trip. Aside from that, I haven't been to Bicol since, making this region a part of my Philippine Bucket List for the longest time.

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Learned so much about Sorsogon during this excursion. Sorsogon is in the southern side of Luzon and the Bicol Region, subdivided into fourteen towns and one city. We were able to visit 8 of these municipalities for this 6-day trip, but super bitin padin! Sorsogon is also called the Land of Kasanggayahan or "A Life of Prosperity" being a province that has a lot to offer. Sorsoganons, or people of Sorsogon, even have a large celebration called the Kanggayahan Festival. 

We traveled to Sorsogon by flying via Philippine Airlines from NAIA 2 to Legazpi Airport. From there, we already have a tour van that took us everywhere, but there is also a bus option that will take you from Legazpi to Sorsogon City for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Meanwhile, there is also a 14.5-hour bus ride from Manila to Sorsogon via a bus terminal in Pasay.

Here are some places you can visit when in Sorsogon:


When we were arrived at the Donsol Whale Shark Interaction Center, the host immediately told us that we will do it the ethical and natural way, so whale shark spotting is not guaranteed. So even with the 50/50 chances, I am actually glad that my first whale shark encounter is with a responsible and sustainable group. 

Photo from Ferdz Decena


On our last day in Bicol's Sorsogon City, our group was able to visit the Museo Sorsogon. A cool fact about this fairly new history, culture, and heritage hub is that once upon a time it was Sorsogon's century-old provincial jail and courthouse---a symbol of the province's justice system.

I was super impressed that the Buhatan Eco-Adventure River Cruise is actually a 2014 clean-up project of the late Ms. Gina Lopez as the then-Chairman of the ABSCBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation. Initially, their goal is to clean and rehabilitate the Buhatan River which was already dying at that time.     Later on, with the help of locals, they took several steps further and developed and maintained this as an eco-tourism site that can give livelihood to the community. 

We also passed by the Sorsogon Coliseum on our way to a souvenir center. This huge sports complex is a project of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to soon host local and national athletic events. 

Where We Stayed: Elysia Beach Resort, Donsol

Spacious room and shower, stone-throw away from the beach, very accommodating staff. Wish I could stay here longer next time! :)


Built during the Spanish period, the Immaculate Conception Parish Church continuously expanded and is now said to be the biggest parochial church in Sorsogon. 

We also visited the Corsiga Organic Vinegar Refinery where we were acquainted to the different processes in making natural vinegar in Bulan, Sorsogon. Their brand Lola Conching organic vinegars are now available globally, and in big supermarkets like S&R.


A fun stop during this trip was in Matnog's Juag Lagoon Fish Sanctuary where you can feed fishes or even swim with them! Spot parrot fishes, maya-maya, lapu-lapu, long fin bat fishes, to name a few! Make sure to not wear sunblock prior heading here as they are strict with preserving the fish pen. 

We had a quick stop to swim and take pictures at the Subic Beach of Matnog, also known as Bicol's pink beach. It was my first time to visit a pink beach, and in actual, the sand is not as pink as I thought but a combination of crushed red corals and white sand that gave the illusion of beautiful pink hues especially when sand is wet and glimmering under the sun.

Where We Stayed: 401K Resort in Mombon, Irosin 


Early in the morning, we climbed 74 steps to see the refreshing view of green mountains and the St. Michael Archangel Irosin Parish Church, also known as the Hilltop Church.

Bicol is known to naturally grow pili trees, making pili as one of their main produce. We visited The Pili Haven by Vicky's Pili and Food Products and watched how they process and cook pili nuts. 

First time to try the oily raw pili fruit! 

They also have cute photo zones!


A quick stop in Magallanes is the Gibalon Shrine, a ship-shaped church known as the site where the first Christian Mass was held in Luzon.


Travel through time in one of Sorsogon's heritage attractions, featuring old Spanish houses in Juban preserved through the years. We took photos by the intricately-designed windows, and tried their local delicacies such as hinagom, suman, and hot tablea.


We had our lunch at the Balay Buhay sa Uma Bee Farm, located in San Roque, Bulusan. More than a bee farm, it's a relaxing restaurant and accommodation in the middle of nature and on the slopes of Mount Bulusan. 

Just in time for sunset, we arrived at the Bulusan Volcano Natural Park where we had the chance to enjoy Bulusan Lake while riding a boat. Other activities you can try here are trekking, kayaking, fishing, and paddle boarding.

With just a short trek, we saw two majestic waterfalls (Kambal Busay and Hidden Falls) at the Zoe Resort and Eco-Adventure Park. This new attraction in Bulusan offers nature-inspired amenities and recreational activities other than trekking to the three falls, such as ATV, tractor ride, swimming etc. 

Where We Stayed: Siama Hotel

One of my favorite accommodations for this trip is at the Siama Hotel in Sorsogon City. Tastefully designed rooms, beautiful pool, and delicious breakfast buffet--will definitely recommend this hotel on your next trip to Sorsogon.

Any faves from this list? From water activities, heritage and cultural sites, local foods, and challenging hikes, as expected a 6-day trip was not enough. I really love the variety of offerings in Sorsogon, there is something for everybody, and there is something new to try. Parang di ka mauubusan! 

But what I like about this trip is that most of the places we went to are also not super common tourist sites pa that I see in my social media feed, bago sya lahat sa akin so during our time here in Sorsogon--I truly felt that this experience is ours

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You can book for your next Sorsogon adventures via Donsol Eco Tour.

Special thanks to TPB Philippines for having me on this trip! 


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