Metro Sunnies: Stylish, Anti-Radiation Eyewear

Tuesday, July 05, 2022

I've been wearing eyeglasses since I was in Grade 5. I used to think it's a bit of a hassle not to see clearly, and always have to bring my eyewear or contact lenses with me especially during my trips. But nowadays, I see it as an instant accessory. Wearing stylish a unique eyewear can actually make or break your look!

Aside from the aesthetic, wearing proper eyewear is also protection from invisible enemies like harmful radiation and blue light. As someone who spends a lot of time using my phone and laptop, wearing MetroSunnies specs provide protection from prolonged gadget use.

Here's the MetroSunnies style I am currently using:

MetroSunnies Judge Specs Con-Strain Anti Radiation Eye Glasses

MetroSunnies Judge Specs come with the brand's signature Con-Strain blue light, anti-radiation lens that will give you protection from digital screens. It also comes with replaceable lens which you can bring to your local optical shops for prescription.

Keep your eyes protected while staying in style with MetroSunnies! They are a brand that you can shop online through Shopee. Best part is, you can get exclusive deals up to 80% off only on Shopee's 7.7 Mid-Year Sale! 

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