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Tuesday, July 05, 2022

I've been wearing a lot of loose shirts lately. They look great with anything, from pants to skirts to shorts. Where do you usually get your tees? 

I discovered the brand INSPI through my Shopee app. INSPI has several prints and color options for their shirts, and also offers other clothing pieces that are summer-appropriate like shorts, sando, etc. What I love about INSPI is the variety of options and sizes, comfortable material, and their affordable price tags. They are also easily available online through Shopee!

Here are some of the INSPI items you should check out:

Fly Away, Love Yourself, Dream Often

Daydreamer Shorts

Bible Verse

Japanese Inspired

Space Jam


If you're interested, add to cart now and check out on Shopee's Mid-Year 7.7 Sale to get up to 74% off discounts!

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