How To Style Your Colorful Pair of Crocs | Crocs Spray Dye Collection

Sunday, September 25, 2022

I've always been drawn to buying neutral shoes. Keeping it safe, most of my sneakers are in black or white! I have a few army green or brown pairs, but that's it! 

Feeling a bit experimental with my style nowadays, I finally own a really colorful pair from the Crocs Spray Dye Collection available at the Crocs Official Store on Shopee. It may look hard to style, but here are some ideas on what to wear when you're wearing a tie-dye or multi-toned footwear like the pairs from Crocs Spray Dye Collection.

1. Wear it with denim-on-denim.

Give 90s vibe to your denim skirt + denim jacket combo, or denim shorts + tucked denim polo, when you wear this look with Crocs Classic Spray Dye Clog in White Multi

Additional Tip: Wear socks with your Crocs!

2. Wear it with your maxi dress.

Spice up your simple all-black maxi dress by wearing a pair of Crocs Classic Crush Spray Dye Clog in Black Multi. It can either be an all-black look, or just choose a dress in any color from the Spray Dye Clogs' heels.

Additional Tip: Make your look a little bit extra by adding Jibbitz to your Crocs!

3. Wear it with a coords or jumpsuit

Keep it fun by pairing your Crocs Classic Spray Dye Sandal in Black Multi with your coords or jumpsuits.

Additional Tip: Wear colorful accessories with this plain outfit, such as a tie-dyed canvass tote, cap, or jacket.

Don these latest stylish and functionable footwear from Crocs Philippines and visit their official Shopee store to avail exclusive deals up to 40% off on straight discounts, 20% off of Me & My Kid Bundle, plus special midnight pricing on regular-priced items.

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