Horizon Terraces Garden Villas’ Scottsdale: bountiful nature views all around

Friday, October 28, 2022

There is an undeniable charm in mountain living that is unmatched in the lowlandsOn a clear day, heralded by a spectacular sunrise, you look out over your spacious balcony and soak up the panoramic views of sweepingnaturescapes under a cerulean skyYou step out and catchmore views of the surrounding greensprovidingtranquility at your every turn. All these are yours for the taking at Horizon Terraces Garden Villas’ newest and the last of its townhouse clusters — Scottsdale.

Living close to lush, soul-soothing nature views makesHorizon Terraces Garden Villas your beautiful alternative primary home. Here, the joys of living are everyday aspirations found in nature’s bounty, enveloped by the beauty of Taal Lake shimmering in the horizon. 


There is much to covet about waking up to a generousdose of mountain views—from the mystical Mt. Makilingin the distance to the Highlands’ own peaks. Accustomed to the polluted air in the city, you are jolted by the bracingly clean and fresh mountain air, instantly revitalized by it.


Comprised of select, well-appointed three-bedroom townhomes ranging from 140 to 172 square meters, Scottsdale is ideal for close-knit families. Each townhouse unit comes with a ground-floor den, a multifunctional space convertible into a separate bedroom for extended family members and friendsThe second floor is a common area that serves as a convergence point for family and friends to come together and appreciate nature’s view—a unique home living feature at Scottsdaleunlike other homes where such areas are typically located at the ground floor. Upper-levels, on the other hand, are for owners to enjoy their own private space.Located at the highest point within Horizon Terraces, Scottsdale affords one views of stunning sceneries enjoyed from its balconies and terraces.


Perched at the heart of this enclave is the Central Garden, an expansive hectare of recreational and open garden space exclusively for residents of Horizon Terraces. They can relax or do stretches at the Garden Courtyard with Sundial, or let their children frolic and play at the Sensory GardenAt any time of the day, seniors may spend quiet moments at the Pocket Gardens, while those so inclinedmay take dips in the Central Garden’s resort-inspired pools


Horizon Terraces Garden Villas is also close to the Midlands Golf Course that offers myriad challenges for resident golfers, and unobstructed vistas of Taal Lake and Mt. Makiling. 


Allowing for a dynamic and well-rounded lifestyle, homeownership at Horizon Terraces Garden Villas also comes with membership at The Country Club, and access to top-notch sports and leisure facilities. Casual and fine-dining restaurants are within reach for families who like bonding over food and drinks.


For the convenience of Garden Villas residents and homeowners, the surrounding locale of Tagaytay City is likewise just a quick driving distance away. Essential services and support facilities abound, such as hospitals, schools, shopping areas, industrial and technological parks, churches, banks, and gasoline stations.


Discerning families who are looking for an alternative primary home, a sanctuary they can retreat to less than two hours from the metro, will do well to check out Scottsdale, a Garden Villa of Horizon Terraces. They, along with investors who want to turn their wealth into real assets, will be happy to know that flexible payment terms are available, bringing individuals and families a step closer to an idyllic lifestyle in safer and healthier environs


As Tagaytay Highlands adapts to new norms, it encourages prospective home buyers to avail of a 360° Virtual Walkthrough of its Horizon Terraces Garden Villas model unit, a contactless solution for aiding customers on their property-prospecting journey. With just a few clicks of the mouse, this immersive virtual tour allows one to check out all rooms and living spaces in the model home as if they were actually standing there.


Complementing the 360° Virtual Walkthrough is the Virtual Tour Guide, which provides personalized service through an experiential journey featuring the exclusive lifestyle lived at a Garden Villas home. Take this virtual tour guide via Tagaytay Highlands’ official YouTube channel at Glendale Model Unit Walk Through AVP - YouTube.


Because Tagaytay Highlands is committed to providing safe and secure facilities for all its members, residents, guests and staff, it has been awarded the Safety Seal of the City Government of Tagaytay. 


Likewise, the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development has named Tagaytay Highlands’ developer Highlands Prime, Inc., a subsidiary of SM Prime Holdings, as one of CALABARZON’s 2021 Outstanding Developers for Open Market Projects.


All facilities and personnel of the Highlands ensure strict adherence to sanitation procedures and safety protocols, including disinfection, hand sanitation, wearing of face masks, and social distancing.


Finally, Property Management will remain efficient in its compliance with health and safety precautionary measures and in its delivery of quick crisis response during adverse natural and high-risk events.




Tagaytay Highlands is a private resort of themed residential communities where access to top-notch sports facilities and recreation amenities is part of the privilege and exclusive benefits of a TH member/homeowner, their families and their guests. 


For inquiries and other information, interested buyers may access Tagaytay Highlands’ Facebook (; Instagram (@tagaytayhighlandsofficial); and website

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