True Beauty Kdrama Location: Prince Comic Shop

Wednesday, March 08, 2023

The Kdrama True Beauty starring Moon Ga-young, Cha Eun-woo, Hwang In-youp, and Park Yoo-na gained traction again the past weeks when it was finally shown on Netflix. I remember looking forward to new episodes when it was first released in Viu.

The Kdrama was actually based on a webtoon series by Yaongyi. It also has an English printed version too (available here, use ANAGON upon check out for discounts!). I think part of True Beauty's charm is its high school plot. It has the typical main girl character insecure and bullied because of her looks, and then discovered makeup thus transforming her look and even life. BUT with or without this mask, two beautiful men still fell for her. So many loop holes from the story, but it was a fun watch. To me, a big Cha Eunwoo fan, I definitely got second lead syndrome with Hwang Inyoup's equally endearing character. So are you Team Suho or Team Seojun? 

Aside from this storyline, there were also other issues raised in the drama, from family pressures to friendships, and dark themes like suicide. I also remember loving True Beauty's OST, and some of the songs are still on my playlist now. 

And with that, sharing one of the True Beauty Kdrama filming locations you can visit when you travel to Seoul! It is the comic book shop where a lot of the most memorable scenes of Suho and Jugyeong were filmed.

I am imagining Love So Fine or I′m in the Mood for Dancing playing as background music while walking around the store!

Suho where na youuu charot

Prince Comic Shop in the Kdrama is a fashion and takeout coffee shop irl.

They sell bags and accessories, and even replicas of the friendship bracelet featured in this series

Anguk is actually a nice place to shop for local finds, and hangout in local cafes

📍YN Anima, Prince Comic Rental Shop in the Kdrama

Address: 31, Yunboseon-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 종로구 윤보선길 31) 

Directions: 2 minute walk from Anguk Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 1 

Operating hours: 10:30-19:00, open all year round

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