Seryoso Ba? I Finally Got My Multiple Korean Visa After 7 Tries!

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

I know people won't believe me, but I applied for a Korean visa for the past SIX visits I made in their country. EVERY SINGLE TIME. I thought it's not a big deal anymore, and okay lang ang hassle basta approved naman, but it came to a point where I really said that maybe I am just not meant for a multiple visa because of my line of work (self-employed, blogger). 

I kept low-key and not made a fuss out of it, may nadedeny nga ng visa e mag rereklamo pa ba ako? If napansin niyo, I just don't have the guts to blog a Korean visa How-To because I feel na single entry lang din naman ako, di pa ako credible, lol. I just made sure to answer ALL inquiries I got on my DMs about how to apply for a Korean visa, when sa totoo lang dapat nag blog nalang ako before pa and just send the link everytime I get visa questions. But then again, feel ko hindi pa nga ako credible haha, I know the pain guys! Anyway, important is I had all the opportunities to travel to Korea in different seasons and visit places even outside of Seoul. 

Spring time in Seoul:

Snowfall experience, Myeongdong winter:

Summertime in Pyeongchang with my family:

Autumn in Everland with fellow bloggers:

So for this coming spring, I decided to go back again to Korea to visit DAEGU--I think the only main city in South Korea that I haven't been to. Again, I have to apply for a visa. I collected the usual requirements, and felt like it's just part of traveling to this country so sanay na ako and di na sya ganun ka-hassle like before. Okay honestly, ANG HASSLE! Hahaha. So when I went back to my agency to collect my passport (btw I tried direct sa Korean Embassy and sa agency already and mas convenient sakin mag agency just because mas longer time frame sya open and hindi ka na pipila), I got it--the MULTIPLE printed on my passport that I've been waiting for for about 2 years already!

Me: Sir kamusta? Approved naman po ba?
Mister from my travel agency: *Hands me my passport* Multiple ka na po ma'am.

Anyway, sharing now the requirements I've collected SEVEN TIMES every time I applied for a Korean visa.

I'm the one at the end of the line that one time I applied directly at the Korean Embassy in McKinley:

Korean Visa Requirements:

Make sure to submit EVERYTHING.

1) Passport - Check validity, must be more than 6 months prior to intended travel date.

2) Photo Copy of:

a) Your passport's Bio page (the one with all your details)
b) If available, your visas from OECD countries you've visited in the past 5 years (Japan, Korea, USA, etc. See all 34 OECD countries HERE)

3) Accomplished Korean Visa Application Form - You can download this HERE.

Tips on Korean Visa Application Form:

a) Write legibly, no erasures, and in all-caps.
b) Write N/A on parts that are not applicable to you, do not leave anything blank.
c) If you are not sure on what to write, ask first or Google. You can also message me for tips.

4) Passport Photo - 35mm x 45mm, white background, wear collared shirt, no smiling! Just go to any ID photo services in malls, they know the exact size, background requirement, and other details of a Korean visa photo.

5) Proof of Income and Stability:

a) Original Bank Certificate that you get from your main bank. This includes your account opening date, account type, current balance, 6 months average balance.

b) Bank Statements for the past 3 months - This one's the detailed version of your money in and out for the past months. Adding "show money" might be obvious because of this.

c) For those who haven't been to any OECD country, you will also need to submit an ITR. If not available, submit a letter of explanation. (You can pattern it after my letter when I applied for a Japan visa without ITR).

Actually, that's it! NO NEED to print out plane tickets and accommodation, they will only return these papers to you. But you will need these details for the application form. If you haven't booked anything yet, you can just put any hotel or guest house where you intend to stay, same with travel dates. For the budget, you can estimate it based on the money reflected in your Bank Certificate. Make sure to put in what you can really afford. Around Php 2000-3000 per day is already a fair amount.

Now how to apply for Korean visa here in the Philippines:

Direct - South Korean Embassy

Note that you can apply as early as THREE MONTHS before your intended travel date (visa's usual validity). If tight with sched, please do apply at least 2 weeks before your travel date.


Korean Embassy in Manila
122 Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Town Center, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

Korean Consulate in Cebu
12th Floor Chinabank Corporate Center, Lot 2, Samar Loop Cor. Road 5, Cebu Business Park, Cebu


Since I've only applied in Taguig, I can only write about my experience there. 

1) Come on time from 8:30am to 11am. No appointments necessary, walk in lang but they are very strict with time during submission. Arrive before 10am, I came around 10ish and was almost not accommodated.

2) Line is usually long, and outdoors siya. Make sure to wear comfortable but appropriate clothes and shoes. A staff will check your documents, and when approved, he/she will give you a queue number.

3) When your number is called, just go to your assigned window. Interviews and appearances are not required, but since I applied on my own, I was asked a few basic questions. I also heard the applicants before me were asked about their marriage certificate, bank certificate, and other docs they did not have with them. Make sure to bring ALL files that may help you in your application.

4) After submission, I was given a paper with the release date of my visa. 

For applicants with OECD visas, it will take around 3 working days.
Applicants without OECD visas will take around 7 working days.

Release of passports are also done in same place but in the afternoon. So that's Mondays to Fridays from 1:30pm - 4pm.

Applying with a Travel Agency

I have super good experience with my travel agency so I am putting them here nadin. Same requirements padin naman above, but here are the perks of applying with a travel agency:

1) No lines, you will be seated comfortably in their office.

2) Someone's going to check your requirements for you before submitting it to the embassy. They will even photocopy your docs for you, and help you with the application form that you can accomplish while in the office.

3) No schedule requirements. You can apply kahit afternoon na, which has always been my case since I usually go out after lunch. Same with pick-up, you can just drop by at the office anytime or date.

Of course, only difference is you have to pay Php 1000 when you go to an agency. 

Address of my Korean visa travel agency:

Rakso Travel
3F Rico Building, 112 Aguirre St. Legaspi Village Makati

Rakso is open from Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 6pm, and 9am to 1pm on Saturdays. I like them because they are very confident, friendly and helpful. When I asked for assurance, my agent said, "Don't worry ma'am kumpleto naman kayo ng requirements, at SPECIALTY NAMIN ANG KOREAN VISA!" Naks! Hehe, highly recommended and this is not a sponsored post ha! Haha!

For questions, you can call them at +63 2 651-9000 or you can visit their website at

Yey, my Multiple Korean visa! 

 Again, this post is just a guide when you find yourself wanting to apply for a Korean visa. No guarantees of not getting denied, but of course, don't give them any reasons to not give you that visa by following all their requirements and proving that you're going back. Gusto ko lang po makapunta sa Kdrama locations and kumain ng legit bibimbap! Hehe! If all else fails, then you have 6 months to prepare before you can apply again. But since I want to end this post on a positive note, kayang kaya mo yan! Prepare everything, and apply with confidence. FIGHTING! ❤❤❤


PPS: Read more on my Korea adventures!

PPS: I know that JEJU ISLAND is visa-free, so this is another alternative when you don't get your Korean visa approved. Make sure you get a DIRECT flight since if may transfer pa yan from Incheon, they will still require you to present your visa, mahirap na baka maudlot pa ang trip! I haven't tried this so wala akong credible tips, but siguro you can check for DIRECT flights from MNL to Jeju to be sure. :)


  1. daebak!!! i'm so happy for you Ms.Anna, possible kaya magrant din ako?? twice na aq nkapunta sa SoKor, my only problem was the ITR kasi I'm currently working abroad and yoko na kumuha dito ng visa (abroad) kasi single entry lang ginagrant nila.. and I'm planning to apply for multiple visa there in Pinas.. any help po:-( thanks

    1. Hello!! Dami ko din nareceive na msgs about working abroad and applying there but hirap ako mag tips coz di ko sha naexperience. Anyway feel ko for applying sa Phil basta complete mo lang reqs mo. Meron din if BDO GOLD card holder ka or certain bpi card meron ka instant Multiple na daw :) wala nga lang din ako non but if you have that option try nadin :)

    2. Not sure why, nawala yata yung post ko regarding BDO promo. 😅 If you have gold or platinum credit cards from BDO, you don't need financial docs anymore like bank cert and itr. My sister was working from home with no itr but she got multiple entry visa.

    3. Weird nawala din yun comment kong isa kanina anyway thanks for this tip! Swerte ng card holders nyan ako wala akong ganyan so the struggle is real :)

    4. Dasal lang, makakakuha din ang marami ng multiple entry! 😁

  2. I JUST have to add, na hindi basehan ng stado ng tao ang visa nya. Yun ang natutunan ko. I think di nga malalaman o mahahalata na single visa lang ako kung hindi ko to pinost e, ang importante naka punta ng Korea when I wanted to. Bakit ko sha tinyaga kahit hassle? Coz nag eenjoy ako ngayon dito. Alam ko ang oa, but if it gives me joy at this moment, then no regrets. :) I feel you mga nareject ng visa na, hindi sha madali at walang formula. Swerte lang natin, may chance parin naman mag try uli in a few months. :)

  3. Paghahandaan ko yan! Haha.. sabi nga nila"never surrender"..😁
    Nice pictures, by the way..😉

  4. Hi! may specific paper po ba pagnagprint ng application form A4, letter or Officio? thanks!

  5. Hi ate Ana, when did you start passing requirements for multiple visa? Diba may need po na number of visits? It will be my first time palang naman po na mag-apply ng visa but nacurious ako if kelan ako pwede magtart magtry mag-apply for multiple visa hahaha

  6. Hi Unknown. You can apply for multiple Visa if you are BDO Gold or platinum holder exempted kana po nyan sa Bank statement at Bank Certificate at ITR pakita mulang mga previous and latest bills mo using your card po. --Jerome Picardal -Visa Associate Officer

  7. Hi Ana! Thank you for these wonderful tips.
    Baka lang you encountered this situation na: My Japan Visa is in an old passport, though our trip there was in the last 5 yrs naman. Do I need to submit my old passport as well or photocopy the info page of the old passport? Tia!

    1. Hi Ysa!! Yes bring it padin! :) I still bring my old passport with the US visa, tied together sa new (at the back yung old) with rubberbands! :)


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