Peter Pan

Friday, May 01, 2009

Today is dinner day with my Barx. We ate at Shakeys in Valero St., Makati, instead of our original plan in Chili Peppers because the indie place was jam-packed!

My outfit today looks taken from Disney’s Peter Pan (HAHA!)…but I don’t mind the comparison, since Peter is my childhood hero! :D I added the sunny yellow bag and the rainbow accessories just to let colors pop in my dark ensemble. Nobody laughed at me during dinner, so I thought my clothes are still

pretty much on the normal level. HAHA! (and i was able to go home safe at past 12!)

The dinner with Reg, Marj, Me-an (who was there the last minute, but at least she came! Yey!) and Bodz with her boyfriend Zac was super fun. Organizing dinners in our group isn’t easy, since there are 16 of us! All-girls! Friends since high school! Haha! I am just happy that after piling myself with fatty pizza carbs, and draining my wallet with the dinner and post-dinner hang outs….I feel so blessed to be piled with my friends’ life updates, and all stress drained out of my system just by being with them =)

Conversations with my friends now include the “real world”. How’s work? How’s med school? Salaries. Bonuses. Who in the barkada is still together
with their guy. Who reunited. People at work/school. What’s our next projects. Where will we travel next to unwind. Etc. We feel so oldie! While talking about money, Marj, a medicine student, blurted out: “Feeling ko ang bata ko pa!” (I feel like I am still a kid!)…since she’s not yet earning her own money. I told her: “Ako rin noh!” (Me too!). Especially that my line of work—selling accessories targeting teenage girls—makes me feel young at heart. I talk to teens 24/7, I read teen magazines to catch up on what are the latest trends for them, and I meet up

with teen buyers! My world revolves around teenage girls (and they are the ones who sustain me!!!) … but I have no regrets! I love being surrounded with young and lively people! =)

Like my hero Pan, I don’t want to grow up! :D

Tip To Toe:
Green Polo Top - Pill - P700
Leggings - Flea Market - P200
Yellow Bag - Dandy Fashionista - P350
Black Shoes - Aerosoles - Gift from Aunt
Candy Necklace - Anagon Collection - P200
Rainbow Bangles - Anagon Collection - P50 each

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