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Monday, June 01, 2009

Today was meet-up day again! Since I’ve noticed the pattern of weather the past few days (rainy), I decided to be prepared for a day of downpour.

I felt a bit sick, the kind of “getting-there sick” that you feel the moment you wake up in the morning-- Dry throat, sniffles, sneezing and all—I knew if I didn’t do anything, I’ll definitely get the dreaded flu. To prevent getting the worst sickness, especially when you commute and get to take-in Manila’s smoke and dust, I loaded up on H2O and vitamin C… I also made sure I have with me a handkerchief! ;)

As for my outfit, I decided to wear a tee-and-jeans for my on the go day, and a rubber flats as I was expecting rains (Do you prefer closed shoes too during rainy days, or you’d rather wear slippers like my sister?). I only have a few t-shirts (I am a more blouse-type of person), and most of them are either org(anization) shirts, university shirts, band shirts, or souvenir shirts. Today I wore my over-used Art Work hippie tee—from men’s section (I only wear big shirts now, haha)…and to make it look slightly different, layered it with my new great find: a cool dark brown cover-up.

Another great find that I used today is my pink “Modern Parsol”. I was excited to test it in the rains, especially its lacy side trimmings. I wasn’t able to do this though, but at least I protected my Retin-A treated face from the UV rays. Disobeying my weather forecast, it actually didn’t rain the whole time I was out! HAHAHA!

Rain Gears Checklist (which I didn’t follow myself hehehe):
A cute cover-up, to keep your clothes dry
A water-proof bag, to protect your things
A pair of shoes / slippers that would protect your feet when you have to cross flooded streets---or if you have one or can afford these: a funky pair of boots! =)
A small towel or tissue, to wipe wet arms, feet, etc.
A stand-out umbrella! =)

Tip to Toe:
Blue Hippie Tee – Artwork – P400
Choco Brown Cover Up – SM – P350
Skinny Jeans – Herbench – P700
Silver Flats – Sanuk – P1290
Hobo Oversized Bag – Anagon Collection – P500
Accessories – Anagon Collection
Pink Parsol – Anagon
Collection - P250

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