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The Flu

How can I possibly catch the dreaded (and overly-hyped) A(H1N1) when I work online, in the comforts of my home, with no close contact with any person other than my family and friends?

I realized that not being in school (where swine flu is fast spreading in our country) doesn’t save me from any virus. The last Thursday and Friday, I have been commuting here and there…MRT stations till GMA Kamuning to Ayala to Boni Stations, riding Lawton bus to Vito Cruz (for La Salle students) to Kalaw (then ride a jeep/FX to UST)… resulting to taking-in of smoke, dust, and virus from coughing and sneezing people. =p

I am not sure if I have to blame others, but I had a “seatmate” in my FX ride from UST to La Salle last Friday…a guy coughing THE WHOLE TIME. It bothered even himself that he was trying to quiet his cough, trying, even, to not cough at all but to no avail! So the whole time, from Espana (street of UST), to Taft Avenue… I faced the window just so not to inhale his “germs”! And it was no s…

Boyfriend look, and my self-confessed fashion boo-boo

I have a confession. I am fully aware that this is one big fashion no-no, but I can’t help but repeat it...again and again. I wear socks with my nice shoes. Black foot-socks. Another woe for the Fashionista Commuter is that our feet get easily tired, and worst: blistered, when rounding the metro in our shiny nice shoes (with heels!). So what I do is slip on my black foot-stockings…try to hide them as much as I can. And most of the time, fail to do so—so I am left with nice pair of shoes with black stockings peeping. ;p


But how can I hate something--even a no-no--- when it gives my feet the comfort it needs (and deserves!) for all the long walks from this meet-up to that? :D

Today I had a little shoot in the little hall of our second floor—just so I can post pics of “when worn” of my new Skinny Scarves for Anagon Collection. I am no model, but I don’t care. ;D

I also went out for meet-ups this latter part of the day…in Cubao, then Glorietta…tired feet and all from walking in my now-f…

Fashion Challenge

If you’ve known me for a long time, you’ll know how much I just lurve my clothes “in full bloom”—printed with flowers to remind me of fields, of peace, of lazy daisy days. =)

Just yesterday, I slept over at Marj’s the night of Pussycat Dolls concert, and we (as always) browsed through fashion and celebs websites…and I showed her While browsing, we were blurting out why this girl looks good in clothes that are either a) “plain” or b) looks like from ukay-ukay (bought from a thrift shop), or why we can’t go out looking all fashown, or does looking good have something to do with being payat (thin). We challenged ourselves then to look our best when we go out. NO EXCUSES! =)

Here’s what I look like when I got home just a few minutes ago:

Still the biggest challenge for the Fashionista Commuter:
How NOT to stand-out in the streets—when you’re wearing something eye-catching such as my hand-me-down vintage overly-floral jumpsuit!
Solution = A black cover-up!

I also changed into my …

For a country with streets and malls flocked with slippers-cladded people.

........An event like this is surely something to look forward to every year!!! ;)

A friend from college, Nizzi Gatdula, now works for a food publication. . . and one of the perks of working in a magazine that I am now missing (because i did not practice my degree)... is attending cool events! =) Add to that, its always THE opening event--meaning, the guests are all VIPs and celebrities..! Star-gazing for little ol' me! ;D

For the Make Your Own Havaianas 09, the press (including lucky ol' me! ;D) gets to take home a pair . . . with soles/straps color of my choice, and unlimited pins! :) After much deliberation, here's what I had:

Grey-Silver Soles - so that it wouldnt easily get dirty from all my walks

Yellow Straps - my favorite color since birth ;D Culture Pins Left - Vinta, Tarsier, Jeepney, Sorbetero
Lifestyle Pins Right - Lomo Camera, Boom Box, Vintage TV, Yoga


And since pictures paint a thousand words........! :

Tip to Toe Accessories from Anagon Collection White Top from …

You can stay under my umbrella.

Today was meet-up day again! Since I’ve noticed the pattern of weather the past few days (rainy), I decided to be prepared for a day of downpour.

I felt a bit sick, the kind of “getting-there sick” that you feel the moment you wake up in the morning-- Dry throat, sniffles, sneezing and all—I knew if I didn’t do anything, I’ll definitely get the dreaded flu. To prevent getting the worst sickness, especially when you commute and get to take-in Manila’s smoke and dust, I loaded up on H2O and vitamin C… I also made sure I have with me a handkerchief! ;)

As for my outfit, I decided to wear a tee-and-jeans for my on the go day, and a rubber flats as I was expecting rains (Do you prefer closed shoes too during rainy days, or you’d rather wear slippers like my sister?). I only have a few t-shirts (I am a more blouse-type of person), and most of them are either org(anization) shirts, university shirts, band shirts, or souvenir shirts. Today I wore my over-used Art Work hippie tee—from men’s sect…