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Just weeks ago, I remember telling my mom how I miss DEBUTS. The years just ran too fast, and my generation is nowhere near that sweet 18 age. ;D During those few years when my friends celebrate their 18th, in a month there'll be parties here and there, even to the point that a day may have 2-3 overlapping debuts! :D

Anyway, I long for this type of event because I just love parties! I love FOOD! And I love debut because, unlike weddings where 2 persons are celebrated, debut has the Star of the Show---that one person who will feel in the most amplified way how much special she is to everyone around her. It's also a transition of "the baby now a lady"...a tradition to a lot of Pinoys! :)

Just weeks ago, my friend from Anagon Collection (a buyer turned friend :)) Sis Kat G invited me to the birthday of her friend in school. Here's the catch, I am invited in the DEBUT as a SURPRISE GUEST! :D Turns out that the celebrant is (in Kat's words, because I hate building u…

Harry Potter

Oh the film did not disappoint! =)

I super enjoyed it—it is funny, and kilig (especially Ron and Hermione!), and at the same time dark and heavy by the end. Though the English accent can be too heavy for my comprehension, haha! :D I missed everyone too! I guess, even though the film is “bitin” (cut short), what made it super-special for me is for sentimentality reasons. I grew up with Harry Potter! Of course there's the 7 books, and then the movies---I remembered the first movie was a big thrill in our classroom! I love Daniel Radcliffe when I was in 3rd year high school! :D In the cinema for this movie, every time a character shows up, I was like: "Oh! Ang tanda na nia!!!" (Oh, He/She's all grown up!!!)

Since Marj is super nice to give to us the 6 tickets she bought from a friend with a charity project, I went to Trinoma last Friday with Geo and Fred, wearing my good ol’ hot pink Hogwarts shirt! :D This was a Christmas present from my tita the year the first movie cam…

The Biker or the Ballerina?

Last Friday, I went to Makati Medical Center with some of my high school friends Barx to visit Geo with her new sister! =) Tita Brenda, Geo’s mom, gave birth to Arabella (or Bella, ala Twilight as Geo joked hehe)…the 5th girl in their family, except for 5th child Josh the only boy—who was disappointed at first, but we caught him acting as a cute “kuya” in the hospital (kuya – older brother). And like all Hernandez, Arabella is super duper cute—rosy chubby cheeks and all! =) What a love!

That day, after so many shoes-change because of the weather (I can’t wear my new leather-ish booties coz the rain might destroy them!)…I came as the biker girl. The fashion principle behind how I put them together was how magazines kept on repeating that one can “toughen a sweet frock”—by placing a cover-up –a structured blazer, denim jacket, or boyfriend’s jacket. So I used my brand new biker black jacket over my old floral lacey top with the black semi-tutu built in it.

At the hospital, Me-an told me…

Welcome to my room!

Haha! I seldom show off my little space, but here’s a post of another side of my room! ;-) I always “pose” in front of my door, but this time, here’s my window area, a typical one with a long ledge in front --where most of my boxes and containers of beads and accessories are stored! =) Cabinets below hold my magazines, books, art materials, etcetera! =) My room is in my all-time favorite color combination of blue-and-yellow, thus the celestial curtains. ;D

Had meet ups again yesterday, from DLSU to UST, then off-route to Mandaluyong (from UST, I rode a jeep to recto, took LRT2 to Cubao, which interconnects with MRT—where I headed for Boni Station which is just blocks away to the Summit Office!) …to drop off accessories for a Candymag sitch feature =) Last stop was in Glorietta where I had Breadtalk AND Krispy Kreme while taking my mom’s advice of resting for 30 minutes. I was afraid of getting sick again..and my feet deserve the break! ;D

Anyway, if you have nothing to wear, don’t be af…

Back in the streets!

Last Friday was my first time to go out for meet-ups again, after 2 weeks of recovering from sickness, and commute my way to Metro Manila.

I wasn’t sure of my mood that morning, and have nothing prepared in my head of what I will be wearing, so I just went for my favorite Eheads reunion concert tee I bought online (through my sister’s help). I had it in Large (or was it XL?) size, cut its neckline (like how Cea taught me with my tees), and wore it double-folded up the sleeves for the “rock star” effect. I just wore my skinny jeans and Sanuk (and Anagon Collection accessories!) with it—on the go for the metro! =)

Tip to Toe:
Eraser Heads T-shirt – P350, online
(not in photo) Skinny Jeans – P700 - Herbench
(not in photo) Flats – Sanuk
(not in photo) Wooden bangles – Anagon Collection
Peace-Love Red Necklace – P140 - Anagon Collection

I wore my hair down to show-off my Korean-cut. I don’t know what I was thinking because it was sunny-hot when I got out of our house to walk a few blocks down to t…