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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Last Friday was my first time to go out for meet-ups again, after 2 weeks of recovering from sickness, and commute my way to Metro Manila.

I wasn’t sure of my mood that morning, and have nothing prepared in my head of what I will be wearing, so I just went for my favorite Eheads reunion concert tee I bought online (through my sister’s help). I had it in Large (or was it XL?) size, cut its neckline (like how Cea taught me with my tees), and wore it double-folded up the sleeves for the “rock star” effect. I just wore my skinny jeans and Sanuk (and Anagon Collection accessories!) with it—on the go for the metro! =)

Tip to Toe:
Eraser Heads T-shirt – P350, online
(not in photo) Skinny Jeans – P700 - Herbench
(not in photo) Flats – Sanuk
(not in photo) Wooden bangles – Anagon Collection
Peace-Love Red Necklace – P140 - Anagon Collection

I wore my hair down to show-off my Korean-cut. I don’t know what I was thinking because it was sunny-hot when I got out of our house to walk a few blocks down to the tricycle station. But I when I reached Taft area in La Salle for my first meet-up, it started drizzling. Come my second schedule for the day, the sun and the rain can’t decide who will go on, so they clashed and danced together. Talk about a big “comeback” for your Fashionista Commuter! ;D

What I discovered today:
1. I saw a lot of kids wearing their Ako Mismo dogtags. (Ako Mismo = I Myself)
It can look a bit awkward to some, and I realized it’s the length of the ball chains (bitin/too short). My second meet-up was with my daughter in St. Scho Days with the Lord, Gem, who wore her tag longer—in black ball chains, and she told me she went to the actual event (so her dog tag is original)…but she changed the short chains. I hope that those I sighted wearing their Ako Mismo tags are taking into heart (and action) what this accessory is actually all about.

2. On my way to the 711 for a drink (a hot part of the day), I came across a young guy with black fedora, black coat (or was it a polo?) over his white shirt, black pants and rubber shoes, semi projecting (I guess) the King of Pop.

It’s something I’d like to do too days ago, weekend after the passing away of music icon Michael Jackson. I want to wear bitin pants with my leather black shoes, with white socks peeping, but I wasn’t able to push-through with my “tribute” because: a) I can’t find the pair of my one-and-only white socks (with little penguin prints). And b) I realized that I already reconstructed my favorite (yet old and torn) skinny black jeans, and cut them to form another function that isn’t something you will wear.

Anyway, like the Ako Mismo dog tag (that aims to serve as a reminder of acting your part, even the smallest of gestures, for the country’s betterment), “wearing Jacko” is not only to remind people of the great talented guy who can dance, sing, and create history-shaking music videos, but also to remind people of the content of Michael’s songs. I love Heal the World, I’ll be there, Black and White, and Man in the Mirror. =) I feel teary eyed all the time when TV Patrol World would play You are not alone!

3. I realized that don’t have a whole-body photo of my outfit for today; the picture above was outside Conti’s Serendra after family quick dinner, and we ran into Me-an! =) I also bought Candy Magazine earlier because I saw that Empress Schuck, the young actress, was featured at the Flashback section (fashion/style then and now), and she again mentioned the necklace I gave to her! I am so touched! =)

The day was long, and I feel so tired right after…but I am happy I am back! Honestly, I missed Metro Manila and its way of teaching me things. The way that when I take a jeepney, a train, or looong bus rides, the lull moments will always bring me to either think and observe the things and people happening around (or outside of) me, or reflect on things that are happening inside of me. I might felt a bit sick that night (due to tiredness and excessive pollution intake hehe), but I knew that another day with Maynila kong mahal (Manila that I love) made me one notch stronger, one notch braver, and one notch wiser. =)

The journey is always worth it. ;)


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