The Flu

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How can I possibly catch the dreaded (and overly-hyped) A(H1N1) when I work online, in the comforts of my home, with no close contact with any person other than my family and friends?

I realized that not being in school (where swine flu is fast spreading in our country) doesn’t save me from any virus. The last Thursday and Friday, I have been commuting here and there…MRT stations till GMA Kamuning to Ayala to Boni Stations, riding Lawton bus to Vito Cruz (for La Salle students) to Kalaw (then ride a jeep/FX to UST)… resulting to taking-in of smoke, dust, and virus from coughing and sneezing people. =p

I am not sure if I have to blame others, but I had a “seatmate” in my FX ride from UST to La Salle last Friday…a guy coughing THE WHOLE TIME. It bothered even himself that he was trying to quiet his cough, trying, even, to not cough at all but to no avail! So the whole time, from Espana (street of UST), to Taft Avenue… I faced the window just so not to inhale his “germs”! And it was no surprise when he dropped off LaSalle (where there was a lot of swine flu cases already).

Horrors upon horrors, the next day (Saturday), I started SNEEZING uncontrollably, and for the last 2 nights I had HIGH FEVER. I stopped my meetups for now…had self-quarantine, and even consulted a doctor in a nearby hospital at around 10.30pm yesterday because my mom can’t help but be paranoid if I just caught the Flu or dengue! ;p

Anyway, side-stepping from illnesses, here are my two outfits for last Thursday and Friday meet-ups…should I call it, Pre-Flu. ;) Hahaha!

I love that this BF-look can adjust from appearing down-key when commuting (big polo), to looking decent when in front of clients (I went to Summit Media office last Thursday for some accessories they borrowed for future issues! :)).

Aside from my new fringe ‘do, I also love my new fully-wired headpiece/headband! =)I made this and tested if it is wearable—and people I met up that day noticed! =)


Diverting from BF jeans, I decided to go hippie again by wearing my flared jeans, bell-sleeves top, and same accessories as the last time…except for the clay necklace, Nicole Richie inspired! =)

What I like about this outfit is that it was my first time to tuck-in my blouse again. I feel that my tummy-flabs will show when I tucked my shirt, but then there is the right top that will help in your little fashion-cheating. ;-) With my blouse tucked in, there are no worries of panty garter peeping especially when I bend to get-in and off a jeepney!

Aside from that, it’s been awhile since I wore flares again—with the skinny jeans and leggings being the bottom-staple of every girls' closet…isn’t it nice to re-wear the comfy 'ol jeans you owned back in high school, and discovering that they still fit you? :D Next time, when I mustered enough confidence, I’ll wear my elephant pant and floor sweepers again! ;D

Tip to Toe A:
Head Piece – Anagon Collection – to be released soon! =)
Large Blue Checkered Polo – Thrift Shop
Jeans – Herbench on sale at P400
Comfy Loafers – gift from Tita – Aerosoles
Yellow Bag – Bangkok
Peace Stud Earrings – Anagon Collection – P85 (set with heart earrings)
Jelly Bracelets – Anagon Collection – P50 (12 pieces)

Tip to Toe B:
Head Piece – Anagon Collection – to be released soon! =)
White Blouse – Julia on sale at P250
Flares – Herbench (owned this since high school!)
Havaianas flipflops from MYOH 09
Purple Giant Bag – Davao
Clay Necklace – Anagon Collection – P200
Peace Stud Earrings – Anagon Collection – P85 (set with heart earrings)
Jelly Bracelets – Anagon Collection – P50 (12 pieces)

Here’s what I learned: So as not to catch the flu when out commuting, use a handkerchief all the time. In the train, when crossing the street, when riding the jeep, and even on airconditioned FX! A mask might be good too, but DO NOT RE-USE a mask, as the Department of Health has warned us—it can even be more harmful!

And to strengthen immune system, load up on your vitamin c!!! When you’re already hit by the Flu, I realized that vitamin c is good, but Alaxan FR did help me regain my lost strength. =) I tried different paracetamol brands, but because of my check-up last night –the doctor recommended better brands…so really, consulting medical help is better! =)

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