The Biker or the Ballerina?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Last Friday, I went to Makati Medical Center with some of my high school friends Barx to visit Geo with her new sister! =) Tita Brenda, Geo’s mom, gave birth to Arabella (or Bella, ala Twilight as Geo joked hehe)…the 5th girl in their family, except for 5th child Josh the only boy—who was disappointed at first, but we caught him acting as a cute “kuya” in the hospital (kuya – older brother). And like all Hernandez, Arabella is super duper cute—rosy chubby cheeks and all! =) What a love!

That day, after so many shoes-change because of the weather (I can’t wear my new leather-ish booties coz the rain might destroy them!)…I came as the biker girl. The fashion principle behind how I put them together was how magazines kept on repeating that one can “toughen a sweet frock”—by placing a cover-up –a structured blazer, denim jacket, or boyfriend’s jacket. So I used my brand new biker black jacket over my old floral lacey top with the black semi-tutu built in it.

At the hospital, Me-an told me: “Ang cute mo! Para kang ballerina! Alisin mo yun jacket mo!” (You’re cute! You look like a ballerina! Take off your jacket!”

Me: “Pero biker ako e!” (But I’m a biker!)

Me-an: “Fail! Para kang mag baballet!” (Fail! You look like you’re going to ballet!)

Marj: “Nung tinititigan kita sa lobby, naisip ko Megan Fox!” (While I was looking at you in the lobby, I thought of Megan Fox!)

And from there, the endless teasing started! The words and comments you’ll have to take for the sake of fashion! Hahaha! I haven’t even watched the Transformers! :D
It’s fun, though, the thought that your feelings and thoughts materializing into your clothes are noticed by others. =)
...And Me-an was right, i guess! :D Black tights, tutu, and ballet flats, i did looked like a black ballerina! ;D

Tip To Toe
Necklace and bangle – my lola Nanay’s vintage piece
Floral Top with Black Tutu – Landmark – P250(???)
Leggings – Divisoria – P200(???)
Ballet Shoes – Divisoria – P300
Black Biker Jacket – A bargain find at Landmark for P230!!! =)

PS:I am not sure about my jacket’s patch, but removing this might make a difference. Should I or should i not remove it? ;-)

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