Harry Potter

Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh the film did not disappoint! =)

I super enjoyed it—it is funny, and kilig (especially Ron and Hermione!), and at the same time dark and heavy by the end. Though the English accent can be too heavy for my comprehension, haha! :D
I missed everyone too! I guess, even though the film is “bitin” (cut short), what made it super-special for me is for sentimentality reasons. I grew up with Harry Potter! Of course there's the 7 books, and then the movies---I remembered the first movie was a big thrill in our classroom! I love Daniel Radcliffe when I was in 3rd year high school! :D In the cinema for this movie, every time a character shows up, I was like: "Oh! Ang tanda na nia!!!" (Oh, He/She's all grown up!!!)

Since Marj is super nice to give to us the 6 tickets she bought from a friend with a charity project, I went to Trinoma last Friday with Geo and Fred, wearing my good ol’ hot pink Hogwarts shirt! :D This was a Christmas present from my tita the year the first movie came up. I remember how super open I was on my love for Daniel Radcliffe—complete with clear book of interview clippings and photos! :D That time, the t-shirt is loose that I use it for overnights! Haha!

I remembered taking up quizzes on "What House are you in?"--Sorting Hat stuff--and end up in Slytherin! ;p

I heart my new shoes!!!
The following day, I had a mini-photoshoot at Ateneo, with Geo's sisters...for my new Hippie Bands and Headbands. Look at this pic:

Looking like Harry! :D
Anyway, that's it for now! Sorry if the post is incoherent or what, I am too sleepy to think clearly hehe! ;p

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  1. i love your shirt! :D

    haha oo nga eh, ang lalaki na nila grabe! i remember hirap din ako before na maintindihan yung accent nila, pero ngayon dahil araw-araw ba naman eh brits ang kausap ko eh okay na gets na gets ko na haha! :D

  2. Thank you sis!!! Kahit isa lang maka appreciate nian oks nako hahaha! :D Nasuot ko uli sya pang labas! :) hahaha!

    Onga noh! :D Sabi nga rin ng sis ko for sure may mga sanay na maka intindi ng Brit accent hehehe! ;D May training ka na pala for HP! hahah! :D Missyou!

  3. wow!! i LOVE YOUR SHOES, ms. ana!:D this is AVA btw hehe from la salle. I can't believe it's from DIVI lang! it's too cute! i want hehe san dun?

  4. AVA! :) Its from shoppers' haven 168! :) heheheh! :) Andun lang siya, I cant remember how much pero parang asa P200-250 lang siya! :) :) :)

  5. i love the brown shoes!!! where did you get it? LOL!


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