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Attending a party for the not-so-party girl

It's not a secret anymore that I am not too fond of parties. I love debuts/weddings, I love preparing for themed parties (CAREER! =D), and I love great food+great company, but I never enjoyed disco+smoke+skimpy clothes+dancing and all those stuff. Am I just so conservative? A die-hard exclusive Catholic school girl? Too manang!!??? :D

Amidst my dislike for "wild night outs", I wasnt the type who had never been to one just because I don't like it--I always tag along my Party Girl friends no matter what.

Again, I hate the set-up, but I just love my friends! :)

Now, last Saturday, my friend since high school Mitch had an event at a bar in Fort, and she invited us through text and barkada Yahoo Groups---I knew I am free that Saturday night, so when I learned that Geo will be coming to the party as well, I confirmed "See you!" to Mitch--whatever the weather! ;) Hehe!

Barx Attendance (Saturday Night, Fuel Bar) Moi, Geo, Mitch, and Marj

We saw our high school classmate…


I have this "fashion illness" of wearing the same outfit-"layout" consecutive times when I liked what I came up with the first time. . . Just like ordering the same meal in a fastfood on every visit. After realizing that I can pull-off tucking-in my shirt even with my not-so-flat tummy, I decided to make a repeat for last Saturday's jumble of events! =)

I always want to have multi-reasons for leaving the house (maybe its the business woman in me! :D) ... First set schedule for Saturday was the event at the Ascend SuperClub for Cea's organized dance showdown-fashion show which will start at around 6pm. I then checked the UAAP game sched and saw that UST will be playing against FEU at around 4pm at the Big Dome. So I inserted a meet-up at the bus terminal where I rode a bus to MRT Magallanes, swiped my stored value card and dropped off Cubao. Araneta Coliseum wasnt full that day, since it wasnt a La Salle and Ateneo game, I easily got hold of a Patron ticket.

Commuting to the next level! ;)

I have made a rule for my self to (as much as possible) air-travel in white. If not, I have to at least wear something decent even if it's just for domestic flights.

Photos from Davao trip last summer:

For this trip, I wore my white 3/4 polo, and black pinstripes shorts, my big black Adidas backpack, and a black leather bag. =) I feel that when you make an extra effort to look good, airport people will treat you much better! :D


My first time to ride a plane alone was for the Boracay outing with Marj and her Med School friends, where I tagged along on their 3rd or 4th day. "Going to" was fun through my now-favorite Cebu Pacific (and its cheap rates!) was also my first time to win in this airline's Bring Me contests (I got sachets of hair conditioners, haha!) but going home alone through SeaAire's super small plane was scary! :D

The plane I rode was, I think, less than 20 seaters, and we were less than 10 that time (including the pilots!). I can see the pilot …