Another Photoshoot with Patty M =)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Last Saturday, though rainy and wild-wild to commute, I braved my way to Katipunan via MRT-LRT2 (then tric) for another shoot with my model-turned-photographer Patty Mendoza. =) We held the shoot indoors--and still got really nice results! =)

Both beautiful photos above are by Patty, the clothes are from another online shop: Poisonberry ( and I provided for the accessories. Patty and I also took charge of styling the models, which I find really really cool and fun. I really wanted to work for a magazine...and thanks to technology and the creativity-bursting young generation--I get to do magazine-stuff related to my business! =) Super fun!

Un-combed hair ;)
Gray Librarian "favorite jacket" - Mom's closet
Orange Floral Top - Thrifted
Brown Belt - Dad's
Black Leggings
Sanuk Gold Shine It

Another best part in having photo shoots is meeting new interesting people. =) Pic above--I was sandwiched by Ate Arnina and Ate Louise--our Make Up Artists for this shoot! =) They both finished engineering in De La Salle University, but then, took make up course at the La Salle school to--and now certified MUAs! =) Classic life-route-shift story! =) (I am a journalism grad-turned-entrepreneur-designer! ;D)

I love MUAs for they are very creative people, plus the Art of enhancing another person's beauty is a great talent. Though I can craft a bangle in a snap, I am beauty-challenged. I cant apply liquid eyeliner with steady hands, nor can I choose the right shade of lippies or foundation for myself! ;p Ate Arnina and Ate Louise were super generous in giving makeup tips that day--like what brands are good from the high end to low end. =)

Sandwiched between two pretty girls! =) Model in black tee is Tata Garcia. It was my first time to work with her, but she's really nice! =) She also posed for CandyMag several times for the Beauty Sections, and is currently a PE teacher in an International School--which I find really really cute! (Me: Ako I want to be an Art Teacher!). This photo was taken after the shoot, at around past 2:30pm, and Tata was rushing to get to Araneta on time for the Ateneo-FEU game. An avid UAAP fan, I asked her:

Me: Palagi ka rin ba nanunuod ng UAAP?
Tata: My boyfriend is a basketball player. =)
Me: OH!?? Sinooo!??
Tata: Kirk Long...
OK! OMG I was super star strucked!!! =D

My other model for this shoot is Sab Anupol, and I've worked with her for years already! :) We met at the Candy Mini-Mag shoot during my 1year stint for the teen magazine--and since then we never lost contact. sab is also into accessories making, and fashion, and she's also a Thomasian! =) I am not sure which of these made us click, but I am happy to have a sweet friend like Sab! =) The pic was taken in her car--she drove me to Makati all the way from her house in San Juan! We also had super-late lunch in her house, which was around 4pm already! =D

---In photo shoots, especially when it's this fun, you can never really keep track of time! And you even forget your meal times! :D


My feature for The One show by Manila Times Journalism Students is up and streaming already! Watch me and my bloopers (hahaha) at: !!! =)

Smells Like School Spirit

Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh finally I was able to blog here again!

My Explorer went (irritatingly) crazy the past few days, and I cant open my Multiply and Blogger--thus became more active with my FB! :D Hahaha!
Anyway, last Thursday, UST Tigers finally entered the Final 4 again! It wasnt because we won against the UE game that day, but DLSU lost against NU on the first game! :D It was crazy---I dont want to cheer for the loss of another team, but they just paved way to our team to join the semis!!! Super excited!!!

For the game, I wore my deconstructed ONE FOR UST shirt I bought the previous match--where we sat beside the Yellow Jackets (ust's cheering squad). The PEP TALK brand of UST tees was there, and I just asked where they got their shirts, which turned out they have stocks with them that day--so I bought my own there and then! :) I really love it -- for just P250! :D Order yours at =) ---coz baby we are part of the Final 4 yo! :D Hahahah!

Tip to Toe:
ONE FOR UST Yellow Shirt- P250, Pep Talk (
Zipper Black Skirt - P300, SM =)
Accessories - Anagon Collection

Before and after the game, I wore an oversized blue checkered polo I thrifted, just to cover my UST tee while doing meet ups in La Salle (hahaha). It also instantly served as a cover up since the weather was really unpredictable the past few days. To rain or not to rain? :D

Dylan Ababou
With my Tiger-crush-since college (Hahaha)
MVP Ababou! :)

Dylan Ababou + Institusyown!

Group pic! :)
I love my Tigers-Friends :)

Cant wait for the next games!!! :) 

Anagon Collection Featured by Manila Times Students

Monday, September 07, 2009

Last Saturday, I went to Manila Times as invited by Nikka--a 3rd year college student of the said broadsheet's School of Journalism. :) The topic, according to Nikka, was on Young Achievers. I honestly feel I wasnt super qualified yet for this--but took this honor nonetheless because, as Ive said in my other blog: in order to materialize a goal, paninindigan ko na. I claimed the title, and so be it! :D Haha!

While in UST taking up journalism, I saw the Manila Times College Ad and thought that I also wanted to study there, since I think that being in the actual environment is good exposure.

I went to the Intramuros-based school by riding the Lawton bus till SM Manila, which wasnt opened yet so I stayed in Jollibee without ordering anything (hehe). I had with me my current fave and reliable violet soft-bag from Davao--filled with 2 sets of clothes that I will make the models wear during the show. Nikka picked me up from there, and we rode a taxi till her school (taxi fare reached around P60 only).

The interview was fun, though I was really conscious of how I look like on TV! :D Haha! I'll try to post the vid soon! :)

Tip to Toe
Fully Beaded Headband - P200, Anagon Collection
Paint Top-Dress
Black Cover Up - Moi Bien
Sanuk Gold Shine It

Day before this shoot, I was deciding on what to wear that would make me look slimmer on screen (HAHAHA), and also something that would best represent me as Anagon -- the artist behind Anagon Collection! ;) NAKS! Haha! I dont want to look overdressed (heels), nor would I want to look like my sloppy ol self. Of course, I wore something "Anagon Collection"--thus the fully beaded headband--which I currently love so much!!! :)

With THE ONE host: Nikka! :)
Hope I said the right things! I am actually super duper shy, so when I have to attend to things like this--I feel like an actress onstage, confident and having fun ----when deep inside I am a nervous wreck! :D Hahahah!
Can't wait for the vid!!! :)


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I will always pity my shoulders/back. When walking with my heavy-weight bagS slinging over my shoulders, I'll always imagine how one day this abuse will take effect in my body. Like how employees who are always in front of the computer will one day lose their 20/20 vision, or how manong/manang Xerox may one day get baog. (i just got this tidbit kanina from Cea, haha)

Anyway, last Monday, I held a photoshoot for my new clothes, accessories, and headdresses collection at the Ateneo campus--as organized by my model-turned photographer and hair-makeup artist Patty Mendoza. She invited her model and photographer friends Cy Bellarmino and Mark Tiu, while I texted CJ Alayon to model for me again --and there! A team of amateur "artists" taking advantage of the holiday (no classes = no people).

The call time was 9.30 am, and living far south means I have to allot around 2 hours to get to Katipunan. Thank God for trains, after getting off the bus to MRT Magallanes, I rode this (super convenient!) transportation up to Cubao, then walked to LRT 2 (malls were still closed)...and rode from there to Katipunan. I had travelled this route before already, but I always get lost when I reach Katips--should I walk right or left? North exit or South? That day, I was super proud that my directions-instinct did not fail me, I reached the Ministop area where tricycles assigned to Ateneo were parked! =)

Photos! Photos! Photos!

Fashionable Pair. Model-slash-budding Photographer Patty and Model CJ (Wearing my new hippie band, little miss sunshine dress, and tiedyed stockings!)

Two at a time! Two photogs and two models shooting simultaneusly = Early pack up!
Meet the Team! I love working with hardworking, dedicated, AND fun-loving people! :)

Tip to Toe:
Michael Jackson T-Shirt (because I read Patty is a fan! :D)
Black Skirt
Thick Leather Cuff
(not in photo) Black Doll Shoes

Since I have to always be on-the-go, helping the models change into different clothes and headdresses, styling, carrying the stuff, and assisting whoever needs me..I made sure I wear an easy breezy outfit: thus, TShirt day again! :)

And yup, I commuted with TWO gigantic bags containing all my clothes and accessories for the shoot!

Anyway, IT WAS WORTH IT! :) I can't wait for the photoooos! :D

After the photoshoot: That's a wrap! :-)

What to wear for a Christening

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Last Saturday was super fun for me, it was my first time to become a Godmother! When I first heard about this, I asked my mom the appropriate outfit for such an occassion...

Me: Anong dapat suotin? Dapat white siguro noh?
Mom: Hindi naman kailangan white...
Me: Ay oo nga naman, pwede naman florals...basta first time ko to cacareerin ko na to! ;D


The baby is my "good friend Hazee"'s---a college classmate. We werent even in the same group in college, but in our senior year, we bonded over a coffee break at the UST Central Library's Reader's Cafe. Yup, a friendship that started over coffee (and love life sharing haha! ;D)

Years went by, and we only see each other on our class' BASAGAN--a random house-party of beer, random booze, videoke, and crazy moments that started on our 4th year college Christmas party. On the Third Season of Basagan, Hazel said that when I was drunk I started to call her "my good friend Hazee!" gazillions of times! :D It might be embarrassing, that I cannot remember these things actually happened---but when I think about it, isnt it that drunks tell nothing but the truth? :)

So from coffee and beer, to providing accessories for Hazel's wedding, visiting Hazee in the hospital when she gave birth to Kirsten Hailey, and now to the Christening....
I know that our friendship is worth keeping. :)

All dressed in white! :)

Oh no ayaw niya sakin! :D

My Kumares and Kumpares during the post-baptism party :)

White "Curtain Dress" - Julia - P350
Cover-up - SM Dept Store
Chains Necklace - P200 - Anagon Collection
Yellow Bag - Bangkok

Dad drove me to UST that day, which I am really thankful for since I am wearing a dress in white. I wasn't haggard when I reached the location! :D Going home, I brought long shorts and wore them to dress down the look, removed all the accessories, and transformed again into Ms. Plain Cinderella after the "ball". ;)