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Before the big 10!

Let pictures (of 2009!) paint thousands of wordssss.... =)


Beatle-Cut and Jelly Lenses

Sofitel 23rd Birthday

Kata (the girl beside me) my Norway-based cousin came here in Pinas for vacation =)

Fun times in greenbelt!


Davao! Beach Trip with Shine, my Davaoena buyer and friend =)

Went there with Geo and her friend Mel, both with agendas in Davao. =)
(in pic: Kublai the artist!)


Got Heart Entrepreneurship School! =)

I graduated with this ^^^ =D
Still a geek... forever a geek! :)

Basagan Season 4!


Eraserheads Final Set with sis Krissy!

White Water Rafting at CDO with Geo, Cheenee, and Niniel!

The most memorable JUMP of my 09!!!--literally!

8 days living with the Sumilao farmers in Bukidnon =)