How do you measure a year?

Friday, December 31, 2010


Wow. Another ending. And I am not even talking about the Win na Win show, haha. 

I know it's cliche, but I am still amazed every time I am suddenly conscious on how swiftly time just flies by. Last day of 2010, my loves! And since this thing had been my personal blog tradition that started in '06 (I wanna tag them one by one, pero ang emooo ng entries ko non amp, kaya wag na haha)'s my little year-ender. :) 


Bora with my high school Barx! 

Abi visited after 5 years, so we decided to have a big-time outing in paradise! :) I miss this!

Birthday Eve with the Bullies X BB in City Garden Hotel!


Taught Accessories-Making in DLSU's Alternative Class Day! =)

Treated the parents to a concert (Last Valentines nAPO Nila)

The kalokohang "Fitness Month" with Ana!

...after mag jog, eto ang pupuntiryahin!!! ...


Ana's Game Day Bday! We wasted money in Time Zone... and played bowling!)

Invested on my bonggang Anagon Collection Paper Bags. <3

Watched (and swooned!) over Jason Castro in Trinoma, with Krissy. :)

Also invested on my room renovations-- aka more space for Anagon Collection stocks! :)

Tagaytay Road Trip with Barx Bullies!


Pa-summer na nun, but in Sagada ang lamiiiig padin! :)

Breath-taking views..Perfect for reflecting. :)

Cave adventure!

Dad's Birthday! :)


Voted during the Presidential and Vice Presidential Elections

Re-Decorated my room again!

Bullies Vietnam-Cambodia Trip!!!

Dashboard Concert with Ana!


Became a finalist in a backpack design contest! :)

Met the 2 models I admire since their CandyMag days!
And dream-come-true shoot with them for Anagon Collection!

Styled for Manila Times' Back-to-School Fashion feature!

Talked for a Blogging Seminar in DLSU :)


"Photoshoots Month"


"Madlang People" for a day! Watched Showtime live, haha!

Robinsons' The Great Fashion Finds! My first ever Bloggers Event, thanks to Raleene! :) 
First time to bond with Pax and Melai too! :)

Another styling stint, thanks to Pax!

UAAP Craze!

I am a Golden Girl forever! :)


Glitterati Event with my Blogger Friends! :)

Interviewed Gerald Anderson for a Century Tuna event, thanks again to Krissy! :)


The RAINING John Mayer Concert!

The EPIC Candy Fair bazaar stint of Anagon Collection!

With Ana, my assistant for that day! :)

Styling stint with Pax and Melai!


Anagon Collection's first Bloggers Event with 12Baskets!
Well-supported by my lovely blogger friends. <3

Unforgettable Singapore Trip with Geo and Alli! (1, 2, 34)

Brown Bag Market bazaar stint with Pax for Archive Clothing!

Harry Potter 7.1!


Greater Good Apparel Media Launch with my blogger friends. :)

Christmas Eve...First time in our house!

Facehunter Book Signing / Bloggers Meet-up! :)

Today is the last day of 2010, so I can now say it was a beautiful year. My 365 morning prayers isn't enough to thank God for all the blessings. 

As they say, the key to happiness is excitement for the future.

A new year tomorrow guys...

I am expecting a lot from you 2011! Surprise us! Rock our world!!! :D


How do you measure a year?
In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee.
In inches, in miles, in laughters, in strife.
In five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes.
How do you measure a year?

How about Love? =)

To the beautiful faces in the pictures above, and to YOU my awesome blog reader: Thank you for being part of my 2010!!! :) To more memories and tawanan!!! 
Chibugan naaaa!!! (naman)