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And a friend now works for Cosmo team

My seatmate in college Niz now works for Cosmopolitan Magazine, as the new staff writer for Cosmo.Ph. After working for a small publication, then a food magazine, she now writes about beauty, fashion, events, etcetera--too cool for a job!

Because of my ever Support-Your-Friends mode (I watch/read/support, asmuchas I can, all gigs and whatsoever of people close to me!)...part of my daily routine now is to check out Cosmo Philippines' site and even registered in their forum, something new for someone who is used to teeny Candymag.Com! :)

Anyway, check out my friend's blog entry on her first month of work for (most probably!) Summit Media's number one mag! A Fresh Start. (Congrats Niz, I am so proud of you!!!!)

Speaking of blog, reposting this from my Anagon Collection journal =)

While waiting for Valentines Day movie to start, I was watching mindlessly trailers of upcoming films, when Alicia Keys' Empire State of Mind played.
In New York,
Concrete jungle where dreams ar…

On Judge Bubble Gum, My Vegetarian Sandwich, and Night Jogging

Will forever remind me of my college days ♥
Survived ga-dozen of meet-ups yesterday around U-Belt, with long hours of commuting...doubling the usual amount of time "wasted" along the road..Godknowswhy. Texted mom, and she told me the EDSA Revolution celebrations and rally might cause the causes of my stress. My 2-hour commute from house to UST became 3 hours yesterday...while a usually short trip from UST to DLSU became a 1 hour drive. And curse the HEAT! ;p
Found the candy stall while waiting for the FX in Morayta, after my FEU meet up. Cool gum which brings me back to my uniformed years in UST--messy and wet hair, enters the campus...drop by the Manang's candy stand just beside our Dapits gate, and buy P10 - 20 worth of Judge, to survive hours of classroom sessions. On days I am broke, though, I always rely on my friends, who always have Judge Bubblegum in their pockets. ;p
Ana asked me among the different fast foods in the metro, which among which is the most "ve…

From my daily Kabbalah E-Newsletter:

"A child learns to walk by falling down and standing up again. Measured against a lifetime of walking, this period of continual stumbling is relatively short.

Today, see your hardships and afflictions in this light, as God teaching you how to walk. The duration of your challenges, no matter how painful, is short compared to a lifetime of spiritual fulfillment."

Oh the never ending process of learning and re-learning "how to walk". Just when I thought I don't need my crane, here I go stumbling back again, proud ol me. See, I am sortof experiencing a deja vu of events right now, like pieces of le darkpast reappearing right in front of me--on different script, cast, and stage. But of the same theme or plot, and of the same dwelling of emotions that never gets tired, never dies no matter how used up. 

But as the horror-scope told me yesterday:
You may need to stop wasting your time and energy on dead issues and let go of the past, Aquarius. It is more than enough tob…
eat the damn chocolate cake, get your hair wet, love someone, dance in those muddy puddles, tell someone off, draw a picture with crayons like you're still 6 years old and then give it to someone who is very important to you. take a nap, go on a vacation, do a cartwheel, make your own recipe, dance like no one sees you, paint each nail a different color, take a bubble bath, laugh at a corny joke. get on that table and dance, pick strawberries, take a jog, plant a garden, make an ugly shirt and wear it all day. learn a new language, write a song, date someone you wouldn't usually go for, make a scrap book, go on a picnic, relax in the sun, make your own home video, kiss the un-kissed, hug the un-hugged, love the unloved, and live your life to the fullest. so at the end of the day, you'll have no regrets, no sorrows, no disappointments.


Fickle-Minded Anagon

Is it the heat? ;p I've been executing plans, and then only backing out the last minute after all the solo-brainstorming (hahaha)...oh the wasted braincells! ;p

1. Anagon Academy - After planning, contacting venues, and then concocting a "lesson plan" for my first ever, un-sponsored (hehe) Accessories Classes for March, I suddenly put down everything--all announcements, contests, etcetera--from my site. I've consulted on my reliable friends, families, and "managers" (haha), and most were negative about my little/noble accessories school. Haha. But what made me decide was a super persistent girl who wanted me to squeeze in everything from my brain to hers. ;p Bad for business, so AAAW (Anagon Academy of Accessories and Wireart...HAHAHAH)--tata for now! ;p =( =(
2. Vintage Kid - Another of my ga-dozen plans that kept me awake at night. To put up my own (online) vintage store where I'll sell my thrift store finds and some pre-owned pre-loved garbs. I had pos…

Oh Manila Heat!

Made us want to finish up a whole Halo-Halo serving from Travel Cafe! :D (biggest serving ever! haha!)
It did cooled my head for a time, but when we exited GB5, the Manila heat thawed my iced-head...making me "mainit ang ulo"...... if not for Ana's good company (naks! haha!)!

Saw Marj in Greenbelt, where Ana and I met up to watch a film pre-jog, Valentines Day...which is a cute film with a cute cast. ;) The little boy is super cute!

fish lips gonzales, hehehe
Can't believe February is already ending, which means Fitness Month nears its conclusion (and my sister Ana's [bday] month is nearing!!!)! ;p We decided to extend our jogging days till March since our food cravings did not help a bit in our exercise sessions. To more night jogs, and then eat outs afterwards! ;p Hehehe!

from fuckyeahlove

love oh love =)

Life ENDS at 40

After giving us good music for 40 years, APO Hiking Society held their last Valentines concert this year, where my family witnessed the trio sing their hits one last time as a group. It is sad that I am trying to Google the songs lined up that night, which were all super good (the medleys! ang galing!)...but I can't find much people who blogged about the music-historical night. As Cea said, what do I expect? Crowd that night were mostly in their their formal attire, pearls, gowns, you get the picture. ;)

Unlike the farewell concert of the Eraserheads, this one isn't much documented (too bad). I can't get over their funny spills, the Kabilugan ng Buwan segment where they sung this really mellow ballad in marching band (Buboy's), rock and roll (Jim's) and Latin (Danny's) versions. I love the friendship songs medley--Awit ng Barkada fused with Saan Na Nga Bang Barkada? =)

It's also funny to hear their versions of songs I got used with the remakes …

Straight from a "Beatles Concert"

Wore ensemble above today to visit Summit Media to get my accessories with Candy Mag, which was used for situation shoots yesterday. Then met up with Chickie "after 10 years" of not seeing her (since my birthday!), since her student supposedly for this afternoon wasn't in the country for a week, she was "free as a bird". (ana cruz, 2010) 
Chicks let me pull her around for my Fort meet up, and then had lunch at Contis (where we not-knowingly ordered the same dish -- pesto!). Then we visited Ana in Deutsche, and had coffee-&-convo in good ol' Starbucks aka Sbux. =) ;-)

When Ana saw my outfit, she told me I looked "very hippie" today. I told her I just came from The Beatles' concert! ;D Hah! Or maybe from Woodstock! ;) Woot! Honestly thinking twice this morning on wearing my new-vintage (hehe) floral trousers just because I feel shy of strangers' stares, but then I thought "the heck!" and just went on with what I want to wear---an…

some past blog headers :)

from from ;)

"May dumi po kayo sa noo, joke!"

("You have dirt on your forehead, just kidding")
--- Said the cashier in a grocery/store where I bought new underwear (wow, which is an achievement for someone who isn't into undergarment shopping ;p Haha!)...And we were too dumbstruck to react, so we just laughed halfheartedly. Mom said the lady might have a different religion from us Catholics, oh I don't know, but I just thought it was disrespectful of her, even though it was meant to be "just a joke".

Photo taken using my Diana Lomo Cam, Circa '08! ;p
Today is Ash Wednesday. The start of the Holy Week for Christians all over the world. I have missed out TWO consecutive masses (one was last last Saturday, Homily was already ending, so I don't consider it a full mass; and the other was just last weekend--APO on Saturday night, then RENT on Sunday). I felt really bad when I remember missing my obligations, not for anything else, but because I don't want to miss a day of "hanging out" w…


Horoscope for Today:   (As texted by Ana, from Philippine Star, my fave ;p)
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). You’ll be teaching others, though probably not formally. Your demeanor and mannerisms will be indicators as to how to behave. It will delight you to notice that others are following your lead.

Same day as my Alternative Class teaching stint in DLSU! :D

Where to begin? :D

It's so hard to catch up with stories after daysss of missing out on my blogging routine! :D
Things caught up and, well, gotta live the life outside my online home! ;)

Telling a story backwards (how do they call this in "story writing"?). Here goes! =)

Feb 16: I taught accessories making for whopping 30+ students at the De La Salle University's Alternative Class Day! =)
Someday, if I'll have a repeat "teaching career", I'll make a huge pliers or beads or wires out of cartolina or styro, for demo purposes--since it was super hard to teach in front of the room with tiny tiny materials, that people at the back can't see anything. What I have to do is to approach the students group by group--by twos or threes--so I can teach them the technique hands on...Which I think is also good anyway. =)
Where's Wally! :D
I had one guy and one gay in class. =) I think it's cute they enrolled in Beading 101! The guy, while making the ring, asked help to make …