And so...That was it?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Had second jogging day (night!) with Ana yesterday, still at the Fort, after her work at around 7pm. 
We were able to run more/longer compared to our first day stint. Wow, and I thought it was too cold and windy to perspire, but we ended up catching our breaths, with droplets of sweats trickling the sides of our faces. SARAP NG FEELING! ;D

We ate dinner afterwards at Larry's Cafe and Bar. Opted for oil-based pasta just so we won't feel guilty of eating-right-after-workout. Hehe! =p Then we asked "San ba kumakain ang mga joggers?" Hahaha! We will try out sandwiches on our next sesh, we forgot about Oliver's! 


Anyway, before all these happened, I was on my way rushing to Fort for a "3:30 pm sharp" meet up with a client who said he was grounded and should be home by 4, when I thought of texting Ate if I can get my money from her since I'll be going to their building--where Ana also works. Then I got Ate's text that knocked me so hard, head first, by Life. 

"Naku pauwi na ako Gia. Namatay si Jessa. =("

Our texting continued after that about what happened to her high school friend, I was really worried for my ate.

This made me realize a lot of things that day, every time Ana will leave me, like, to get her things, I'll stare into space and realize how short a time we all have in this world. People leave. And there are times that they leave for good. I am really scared.

I told Ana how easily affected I am with these things. Things that will hurt my family. Trivial things. Things that are beyond my control, but actually really happen without "cues" and "go signals" or even warnings. There were times that I actually felt that I and everyone around me are "immortal", but then on a snap of a breaking news like this, I cannot comprehend the world and its works again. 

"Death exists, not as the opposite but as part of life." 
-Norwegian Wood, Murakami

Rest in Peace.
Condolence to Jessa's family and friends. 


  1. This is very timely sis, I wanted to write about death sana kasi today is suppposed to be my Lola's birthday.. RIP Jessa :(

  2. Aww sis =( Hello to our dear lolas in heaven, a happy birthday to your lola!
    Grabe parang hindi totoo these things...


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