Fickle-Minded Anagon

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is it the heat? ;p I've been executing plans, and then only backing out the last minute after all the solo-brainstorming (hahaha)...oh the wasted braincells! ;p

1. Anagon Academy - After planning, contacting venues, and then concocting a "lesson plan" for my first ever, un-sponsored (hehe) Accessories Classes for March, I suddenly put down everything--all announcements, contests, etcetera--from my site. I've consulted on my reliable friends, families, and "managers" (haha), and most were negative about my little/noble accessories school. Haha. But what made me decide was a super persistent girl who wanted me to squeeze in everything from my brain to hers. ;p Bad for business, so AAAW (Anagon Academy of Accessories and Wireart...HAHAHAH)--tata for now! ;p =( =(

2. Vintage Kid - Another of my ga-dozen plans that kept me awake at night. To put up my own (online) vintage store where I'll sell my thrift store finds and some pre-owned pre-loved garbs. I had posted yesterday photos of my new Chucks and my slightly used Charles and Keith red shoes...all-composed and brave to let go of my lovely pairs that night....only to DELETE DELETE DELETE these entries today, because I can't say goodbye to them pala hahaha. Though I am not fully giving up on the VINTAGE KID brand and concept, let's see where this plan will take me in a week or two! ;)

There! :D Just have to let all these out, so I'll be ashamed of backing out on my next drawings. I have to stand firm on my next big "Light Bulb Moment"! ;p Less I want to go halfway-done/unfinished/half-baked like these two projects.

Anyway! Dashboard says this is my 100th post! :D Wow!

TO MORE BLOGGER BLOG POSTS from your Fashionista Commuter! ;o)



  1. Ay, mahirap nga un sa case ng persistent girl sis x_x

    Ako rin, I've been planning to sell some of my stuff since forever but I cannot seem to let go of them :D

    Congrats on the 100th post! Yay! :D

  2. Hay scary nga e, parang I realized hindi pa pala ako ready for the "Academy", which is sad =/

    Wah! Ako rin! I thought I am not attached to things, biglang when it comes to shoes,whoop! hirap i sell!
    Yey thank you sis! to more Blogger Moments!! :)


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