Oh Manila Heat!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Made us want to finish up a whole Halo-Halo serving from Travel Cafe! :D (biggest serving ever! haha!)
It did cooled my head for a time, but when we exited GB5, the Manila heat thawed my iced-head...making me "mainit ang ulo"...... if not for Ana's good company (naks! haha!)!

Saw Marj in Greenbelt, where Ana and I met up to watch a film pre-jog, Valentines Day...which is a cute film with a cute cast. ;) The little boy is super cute!

fish lips gonzales, hehehe

Can't believe February is already ending, which means Fitness Month nears its conclusion (and my sister Ana's [bday] month is nearing!!!)! ;p We decided to extend our jogging days till March since our food cravings did not help a bit in our exercise sessions. To more night jogs, and then eat outs afterwards! ;p Hehehe!


  1. I remember your project last year sis! The tasting of halo-halo from diff restaurants! :D

  2. Onga sis e! :D i actually planned on eating the Damaso halo-halo, because the feeling halohalo expert in me thought its the best! :) kaso ang daming tao sa restau nila! :D


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