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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"A child learns to walk by falling down and standing up again. Measured against a lifetime of walking, this period of continual stumbling is relatively short.

Today, see your hardships and afflictions in this light, as God teaching you how to walk. The duration of your challenges, no matter how painful, is short compared to a lifetime of spiritual fulfillment."

Oh the never ending process of learning and re-learning "how to walk". Just when I thought I don't need my crane, here I go stumbling back again, proud ol me. See, I am sortof experiencing a deja vu of events right now, like pieces of le darkpast reappearing right in front of me--on different script, cast, and stage. But of the same theme or plot, and of the same dwelling of emotions that never gets tired, never dies no matter how used up. 

But as the horror-scope told me yesterday:
You may need to stop wasting your time and energy on dead issues and let go of the past, Aquarius. It is more than enough to be thankful for where you are today and let the reason or meaning of how you got out of suffering from the results of a past mistake remain part of the great mystery. Spiritual protection you've had at a difficult time in the past may have returned to to remind you of the value in helping others. It's gratitude, not attitude that will get you ahead today.

Gratitude, not attitude. I actually like that! :)

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