On Judge Bubble Gum, My Vegetarian Sandwich, and Night Jogging

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Will forever remind me of my college days 

Survived ga-dozen of meet-ups yesterday around U-Belt, with long hours of commuting...doubling the usual amount of time "wasted" along the road..Godknowswhy. Texted mom, and she told me the EDSA Revolution celebrations and rally might cause the causes of my stress. My 2-hour commute from house to UST became 3 hours yesterday...while a usually short trip from UST to DLSU became a 1 hour drive. And curse the HEAT! ;p

Found the candy stall while waiting for the FX in Morayta, after my FEU meet up. Cool gum which brings me back to my uniformed years in UST--messy and wet hair, enters the campus...drop by the Manang's candy stand just beside our Dapits gate, and buy P10 - 20 worth of Judge, to survive hours of classroom sessions. On days I am broke, though, I always rely on my friends, who always have Judge Bubblegum in their pockets. ;p


Ana asked me among the different fast foods in the metro, which among which is the most "vegetarian friendly"? =)

Although I've answered KFC versus Jollibee (because of their salads), and Jollibee versus McDo (because the latter doesn't even serve salads!)...I was super happy yesterday when I ordered Cheese Burger meal in McDo Morayta. I requested to remove the meat since I would remove it anyway, and sayang naman din. The guy in the counter did not blinked or thought I was crazy (the usual reaction I get)...and instead told me they'll serve it to me in 5 minutes. =) Cheese Sandwich pic above! ;) Added some fries as palaman for texture! ;p Hehe!


I changed into my running shoes on my busride to Fort.

After meet ups, I "ran" asif warming up for the jog that night. The heavy traffic followed me from Manila to McKinley, and frustrated, I changed into my shoes and texted Ana and Me-an that "I am so ready for this!"! Stressed, tired, and hungry, I can't wait to jog with The Bullies--Finally Finally Finally COMPLETE for the night! :)

First night to jog with us! :)

Sandwiches for dinner, to keep up with our "feeling fit" month! ;p (at Olivers)

+ Water for the thirstyyyyy joggers! :D

Sweet =)


Your turn! Always excited to read your comments! :)