Life ENDS at 40

Friday, February 19, 2010

After giving us good music for 40 years, APO Hiking Society held their last Valentines concert this year, where my family witnessed the trio sing their hits one last time as a group. It is sad that I am trying to Google the songs lined up that night, which were all super good (the medleys! ang galing!)...but I can't find much people who blogged about the music-historical night. As Cea said, what do I expect? Crowd that night were mostly in their their formal attire, pearls, gowns, you get the picture. ;)

Unlike the farewell concert of the Eraserheads, this one isn't much documented (too bad). I can't get over their funny spills, the Kabilugan ng Buwan segment where they sung this really mellow ballad in marching band (Buboy's), rock and roll (Jim's) and Latin (Danny's) versions. I love the friendship songs medley--Awit ng Barkada fused with Saan Na Nga Bang Barkada? =)

It's also funny to hear their versions of songs I got used with the remakes (the Kami nAPO Muna album!)...mellow blues versions of Blue Jeans and Doo Bidoo--which my ears were more accustomed to be loud because of Rocksteddy and Kamikazee's renditions. (Although I was expecting one or two of these bands as guests for the night, Imago or Spongecola to sing with APO..oh dreamer. Hehe!) APO songs are also like time machines...the song like Pumapatak Ang Ulan brought me to my preparatory years at a nearby pre-school, where we danced this song, complete with umbrellas and raincoats! ;p I also appreciated Show Me a Smile, the good melody melts my heart. We might have forgotten, but they really have beautiful songs on love and friendship! And they said goodbye with grace, no issues, no fights-n-squabbles between the members.

Watching Jim, Buboy and Danny perform live made me say that this group is really the pioneer of OPM. Dad said that when the band was starting, the group stood out for their original voices--not copying the foreign acts style. And thus the start of Original Pinoy Music. Their disbanding will create a huge mark in Pinoy Music History. And I'm glad that at 24 years old--along with the older crowd that night, I was part of it.

Thank you for the songs, thank you for the music, APO!

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Giving is my way of loving
it’s the only way that I know
i’ve got nothing much
i’ve got nothin’ to show
i love you, you know
although sometimes it doesn’t seem so

Show me a smile and then kiss me
tell me you love me again
come to my room and then lie in my bed
i love you, you know
although sometimes it just doesn't show

-Show me a smile, APO


  1. I wanted to watch sana kaso wala akong mahanap na kasama eh :D

  2. AHEM! Si Dane! :D Hahaha! Everyones teasing you na ! ;D
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