Straight from a "Beatles Concert"

Friday, February 19, 2010

Wore ensemble above today to visit Summit Media to get my accessories with Candy Mag, which was used for situation shoots yesterday. Then met up with Chickie "after 10 years" of not seeing her (since my birthday!), since her student supposedly for this afternoon wasn't in the country for a week, she was "free as a bird". (ana cruz, 2010) 

Chicks let me pull her around for my Fort meet up, and then had lunch at Contis (where we not-knowingly ordered the same dish -- pesto!). Then we visited Ana in Deutsche, and had coffee-&-convo in good ol' Starbucks aka Sbux. =) ;-)

When Ana saw my outfit, she told me I looked "very hippie" today. I told her I just came from The Beatles' concert! ;D Hah! Or maybe from Woodstock! ;) Woot! Honestly thinking twice this morning on wearing my new-vintage (hehe) floral trousers just because I feel shy of strangers' stares, but then I thought "the heck!" and just went on with what I want to wear---and was happy I did! Long live the Flower Children! =)

Tip to Toe: (oh I super miss this part of my blog!!! :D)
Whatever! Here Comes the Sun Tee
SM Brown Cover Up
Thrifted Floral Trousers - P30 only! :D
Fringe Bag from Hong Kong
Brown Sandals-Shoes from Divisoria 
Anagon Collection Volkswagen Kombi Van Long Necklace

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