When depression strikes...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Anagon goes to the salon! ;D

Had a haircut with my cousin awhile ago, with no plans for my locks except I want to have my full bangs there ^^ . ;p My golden brown hair from December's dyeing came out and became noticeable again that my mom thought I had my hair recolored! ;p Let's see if I can keep up with the bangs...I always feel itchy with hair on my face! ;p

With my cousin Renren, future teacher! :) Graduating already--congrats!!!
We had merienda at Taters..I lovemiss that place! ;p

What was left of our bbq-sour cream pop corn and white cheddar french fries--the life! ;p

And lastly, to cap the BV-turned-GV Day...I finally bought stash of make-ups so I won't look pale-o in photos (haha). 
Body Shop Shimmer Waves (eye shadow and blush, so cool), Body Shop cutecute Nature's Minerals brush, Body Shop eyelash curler (with free Divide and Multiply Mascara! =)) and Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra Foundation (with SPF20! perfect for summer!).

Spending can really be therapeutic. I am such a bad example. ;p


  1. Weeeeh I love your hair sis! Super bagay! I wanna have full bangs din kaso di raw bagay sa akin :D

    And yay for makeup! Try mo rin un Liquid Mineral Foundation ng Maybelline, 299 lang un, maganda yun coverage nya. Plus it's mineral makeup so maganda sa skin; they let your skin breathe saka wala un chemicals of traditional makeup. Habang nagtatagal, mas naggoglow :)

  2. Yey I like that sis! :) Nag coconcealer ka ba sis? Im thinking of getting din kasi revlon's yung may highlighter na, but i dont know how to use it but nakakaganda daw talaga wahahhaa! :D

    ey lets set our date na!!!


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