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They're really coming!!!

When a big-time singer or group goes to the country, but the price is too hefty for mi pockets and I am not really a big fan--I'll always reason out "Pag si *Insert favorite band/singer that first came in mind* lang yan! Di ko talaga papalagpasin!" ("If only it was *Insert favorite band/singer that first came in mind*! I wouldn't let this pass!")
And always-always-always, whenever the topic of dream concert is brought up, I'll say "Dashboard Confessional"! It's one of those bands with the songs that became a big part of my life soundtrack!
Will happen right after my Viet trip, which scares my pockets even though, in all fairness, the VIP tickets are priced fairly! :D
Details! Details! Dashboard Confessional will be here in Manila this May 27,2010 @ Trinoma Mindanao Open Parking Lot Ticket prices: EARLY-BIRD (Until May 3, 2010 only!) VIP -> PhP 3,256.00(Reserved Seating) Gold -> PhP 2,432.00(With Seats - FCFS) Silver -> PhP 1,236.00(Standing…


Finally! After weeks of working on the baptismal souvenirs ordered by my really nice client named Jowan, I am done with the 200 pieces of wire art-photo holders:

The idea is to put candies inside the glass test tube-y bottles with blue heart charm and bronze baby shoe accents:
..And when candies are consumed, they can stick the bottle cap, which I attached with self-made wire photo holder. ;-)
Met up with Jowan awhile ago in Festival Mall to deliver the goods, and although that was my only reason of going out, I decided to try on my DIY petal-edge denim shorts. =) Accessorized with pinks: skinny belt and rose bracelet both from my online shop
About the hat! It's a purchase for the day, after pressuring myself the past days not to shop anymore before my May out-of-the-country trip because I haven't really saved up for this! =p My will wasn't too strong, I actually got three hats!! Thinking of this mad-hatter-mode sending money flying as rewards for finishing the 200 souvenirs…

Love ♥

All photos reblogged from loveyourchaos@tumblr.

Show me some blog love! :)

Coz today is Anagon's Blog 1st Birthday!!! =) Yehey Yehey! :D *fireworks* Hahaha! Gone a looong way and encountered lots of changes since I first posted in this blog! And I love every second of it! Photo above was my first profile pic for Blogger! ;)
I forgot that it's the 24th of April, and greeted the two special celebrants of the day only now that I'm home surfing the net! Hah! :D 
Other than the Fashionista Commuter/Anagon's Blog......
Happy Birthday also to my high school best friend Myey!!! =)  Thank you for the best years! :)
Heeh! A FRIENDSTER collage I salvaged just for this post hahaha! Made this circa 2005 aka pre-photoshop-knowledge. Hahaha! :D

Taking care of a little girl with potential modeling career!

Had a "photo shoot"* this morning with my friend Geo's sister Gileena. Gileena had been modeling for my small online shop ever since, and every time--I will be super joyed because this kid is not only so cute --but she knows how to project! I don't have to show her what to do, she poses in front of the camera like a professional model! ;) 
The new Hernandez girl: Which their mom said will be my future model! (hehe!). Gilee. Me.

I'm betting this kid will have a career in the modelling world someday! :D

*"photo shoot" with the quotation marks, since it was only me and my point-and-shoot camera, plus my personal make up and little skills in applying. Hehe!

Still the same :-)

Wore this for today's trip to Summit Media's office to deliver some accessories for another Candymag photo shoot (wee!!!). I wanted to try out the checkered-floral combo--a supposed to be "off" look, till I saw fellow fashion bloggers pulling this style easily! Asked mom on my way out of our house about my mix-matched outfit for today, and she told me it was summer-y! :)
Not planning anything for the afternoon, till my best friend from high school [Myey] texted me that she'll be going to Alabang that day (my area). Told her I will be going to Boni area first but have no plans after, and figured out she'll come from Ortigas (near Boni)--so we can go to Alabang together!
Had lunch at Manggan in Megamall, then had Fro-Yo (frozen yogurt) in Red Mango (megamall also)--where I realized that my crowd are so into this new healthy-cold-treat craze in the country!

Meet my "Bes" :-)  She's getting thinner every time I meet her!!! ;D

Honestly, it's been mont…

Anagon's Blog hits its 1st year! =D

Three days from now marks my one year of "living" here in Blogger/Blogspot. April 24, 2009, I decided to make a new blog circling on fashion--inserting tidbits of my life, and named this place "The Fashionista Commuter". I wasn't sure of my goal back then--Multiply became lonely when people decided that Face Book is the new craze. Tumblr is for micro-blogging, which is not me since I am a big online blabber. Chictopia, Lookbook, and other fashion social networking sites are cool, but I felt I wouldn't fit in yet. So Blogger became a new home.
After years of living in Multiply (I think around 4 years!), Blogger has been a quitter alternative. I left my Multiply friends, and started telling stories to new people I meet here. Some old friends will ask for my new blog, which I am sincerely thankful. And after realizing that I can't just talk about the outfit, I changed my home address to "anagonsblog"--so I can freely talk about other things in my l…

Oh, Random!

I. Anagon Collection now just A N A G O N. Last night, I tinkered with my online shop in the hopes of making it look like Forever21's website.

What happened, though, was from having a super hip and colorful site (I ordered/made by Xyla, a year ago)...
I now have an online shop that is soooo simple...I'm not sure if it is "good-simple" or the "boring-simple". ;p

I am into different arts/art medium...but techie-art forms are a big challenge to me ever since! I can't make layouts, use the CSS, or make really cool photo-edits. ;p I guess I'll still need to ask help from the experts again when I have the budget. ;p

II. Hachiko The family watched Cea's recommended film a few days ago, on DVD. It is titled Hachiko, starring Richard Gere. This based-on-real-life movie is about the heartbreaking dog-owner relationship, and the value of loyalty and unconditional love. Really a tear-jerker! The family loves Hachiko!
photo from wikipedia
Who loves dogs here? I reme…
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