the heat makes me unproductive

Friday, April 09, 2010

The summer sun of Manila is working career-mode that my usual travels around the Metro became more difficult. More of an effort! I average 7 meet ups a day or 2 in a week, but this week, I can only go to one place plus the last stop: which should be a relaxing venue like a mall. After which, my head is already spinning!

Two days ago, I went to Summit to pick up the accessories pulled out by Candy. I have to walk from Rob Pioneer to Cybergate Building...merely around 2 blocks away. Easy for a "walker" like me! But that time, I felt sooo tired by the time I got the accessories and reached the MRT station, I decided to skip my Manila meet up with supplier and go straight to the airconditioned mall! But before heading to the Ayala bus, I saw a Kwek Kwek stand and ordered some of these quail eggs coated with orange-flour breading concoction...which goes by 4, which I thought then was bitin. So I ordered TWO sets (8pieces) of cholesterol-fatty merienda. And right afterwards felt I might puke in the bus.

Yesterday, I met up with a client in Rob Place Manila, and since we set our sched at around 11ish in the morning, I decided to have my lunch in Mexicali. I love Mexican food!

I missed this resto! Back in my Fashion Institute days, I will always eat here after my classes--the Vegetarian Burrito Meal with garlic-cheese quesadilla, nachos on the side, with their special sauces/dips: salsa, guacamole, and garlic sauce. Plus the tubes of hot sauce (I love spicy foods!) and sour cream: This place is heaven! I love tasty food and variety of flavors in one meal!

But as I finished my lunch, I again felt I am going to puke, from dizziness and also feeling out of breath. I cannot blame cholesterol this time! Tamems and I were texting then, and we hypothesized that maybe I became used to Sagada's fresh feast (and fresh [cold!] air!)! If not, yeah, blame it on the weather!


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