Lesson for the day: You cannot just "status" everything

Thursday, April 08, 2010

I am such a meanie for posting this! ;p But it's a pet-peeve when people just status-update their every move--including things that...well, people wouldn't really be interested in! ;p

Anyhooo...I myself write too much in this blog, but no nasty details like this! =p I can read your work status, or even the most cheesy quotes, or boring whathaveyous...but spare us the "gory" details! Haha!


On another note, Marj and I went out for less than 3 hours last night, to look around beauty stores in Greenbelt, eat at a Japanese place called Haiku (her treat!) and then have a short non-fat-coffee break in Seattle's Best.

Marj just called me up that morning for my plans, coz she's free from school (and exams!) that afternoon. If anything, I love the random/unplanned hang outs! =) They're always the ones that push through! ;-)

(grainy cellphone photos. =p I brought my camera, but left the batteries charging at home! =D)

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