Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I love photos of people looking up or reaching out to the sky. (the two photos are from loveyourchaos.tumblr) It's like trying to have a connection with Him--reconnecting...plugging...unloading...recharging all energy consumed by just living. 

Today I'll be going out again, following the few days of rest right after my 5-day retreat. As an online seller, I wasn't used to getting up early, but the retreat required me to get up early everyday. After the tiring days, I always take time to hibernate at home, and will not show up till I am fully recovered--by sleeping till lunch time, updating my online blog and shop, sleeping some more, etcetera. I love home!

I was tagged again in some photos just recently uploaded by my Sagada friends. I am looking forward to these (more group pics!) since my camera wasn't cooperating fully that time--it gets lowbat easily. Anyway! Here are some of them!

Oh I am actually missing the group! These people love to laugh! I love being surrounded by people with funny bones, it makes everything light. =)

I have more Tagaytay pics too, it's so funny how I anticipate pics from others now, my Nikon digital camera isn't doing it's wonders anymore, but I think the quality is still good and not grainy (As proven by photos I posted HERE). Also, when I uploaded my Sagada pics, Jamie and Ate Iya replied to my album how they appreciate the pictures, and I should stay behind the lens more often. It's really encouraging! 

But being surrounded by DSLR girls made me want to have my own techie camera too. I saw in a magazine ad a Nikon SLR with free tripod, bag, and memory card for around P34,000. My eye is now set on this baby!

Anyway, the Tagaytay pics:

Can't wait to meet up Marj later for some catching up! =)


  1. Bag of Beans for the win! =))

  2. Yes! :D I love Bag of Beans! Perfect hangout place ;) I have yet to try Sonya though! :D haha!


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