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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Photos from my dear Tamems. :) Thanks for the photos! You're the best!

Big reason enough not to sell my hats:


My friend just finished uploading photos from our trip. She did it by installment, which is actually more exciting since you have something to look forward to on your "internet time" at the end of the day. =) I love commenting on each photos as if I am giving them captions. And on most nights, we trio are all online in our own homes, and we always end up going riot with our comments on funny photos as if only the three of us can see them!

Upon seeing the pics, I remembered a super little dispute against Tamems at the end of the trip. It wasn't super serious, more like little quarrels we all normally have with our own sisters. Maybe it's because we were that close that we tend to have petty fights like siblings. And then come next day, we're ok again as if nothing happened. But I'll forever be bothered, because I am sensitive and stuff. Ana is more of the "let it go if it happens already and we can't do anything about it and it will be ok soon" type--which is cool. But yours truly is the over-thinker, which is just not cool and so child-like (childish). I still think of that night when you opted not to stay with us when you can. I knew something's wrong, and I can't go cheesy-apologizing with it. Sorry Tamems if I go public with this, but I am sorry for being such insensitive friend that time. =/ 

Something I made for Tamems on her birthday, the day after we got back home. We were together the whole  week, it's sad that on your birthday we have our own plans/rest day.

Tamems treated us at Red Mango for frozen yogurts and Capriciosa for our favorite pizza-pasta combo. :)
Thankyou Tamems! I love you to bits! :-)
Belated Happy Birthday! <3


  1. I like your second outfit, the one that you are in skirt and red stripes tee. Cool. Fashionista! B)

  2. Thanks Marla! :) :) I call that my sailor look haha,really out of place in the country, but it's fun to dress up once in a while :) ;) "feeling tourista" haha!


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