Second chance, there's always a second chance.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

To make a looong story short, I did not get the coveted cash prize I have been talking about in my past blog entries. ;p It was sad, but I easily moved on when I saw the other finalist. They have really great works of art, and I am so proud of my kababayans (countrymen) for their creativity! :-) In line with this, Happy Independence Day to my Inang Bayan (Mother Land)! :-)

The stall in the parking of the Shopwise Cubao branch, where a cheer dance competition was also held, before they announced the winners. That was the judge, alright. It was just sad that they judged the bags just then and there, without checking out what the designs are all about pre-awarding (I placed an explanation of symbols-what-have-yous of my bag design inside the bag ;p)...but then, *tapos na po ang lahat, so move on na. (*everything's said and done) Anyway, checkout the other finalists! I think there are 24 all-in-all from the different Shopwise branches. =)

This bag won the P50K (first place!) lucky! :)

And of course, I have to show off mine again, hehe:
Number 2! Number 2! Hahaha! :D

Anyway, they gave back the bags of the non-winners, and at the same time, handed a bag of goodies for us:

At least the one-hour travel with my parents and Cea to Cubao was paid off with this token of appreciation for joining. =p I texted Raffy (Ate's boyfriend) that I didn't win, but at least they gave us some grocery goodies like toyo (soy sauce), patis (fish sauce), tissue, etcetera...He replied that toyo palang panalo na! Hahaha! (With just the soy sauce, I am a winner already! ;p)

Anyhooo...I am so waiting for the next art contest I can join in...Bring it on! :D Haha!

Some photos from this weekend:

Meeting up with Niz for some orders and few chit chat. =) She's my college seatmate, and I miss her!

Watched A-Team with Ana that night, then slept over again, and watched Karate Kid the next day! :-) I love to have my movie partner...still going strong after all these years! ;) HAHA! We remembered way back in high school, Ana will treat penniless yours-truly for a movie, just as long as I order for her her as-weird-as-her weird choice of food in Wendy's: 
"Bacon Mushroom Melt please, without mushrooms!" ;p HAHA!

Wore my black and white beanie again since it's raining (although it's still super HOT!)...But the highlight is my peeping zipper skirt with the long H&M top :-) I would have worn this ensemble leggings-less to channel a semi Carrie Bradshaw SATC2 look (long top+peeping skirt), but I forgot to buy my Veet wax strips! :D Haha!


Attended our Sunday Feast again with the family. "Live Deliberately" is the ultimate summary of the past talks on having a Life of No Regrets by Bro. Arun. Live for your goals.

...You fail, but you are not a failure. Bro. Arun actually said this earlier, pre the contest stint. I remembered dad asking me in our car on our way back to Alabang after everything..."Nadisappoint ka?" (Were you disappointed?)

Me: "Oo naman, ganun talaga, part yun." (Of course, that's just part of it)
Dad: Sabi nga ni Arun kanina (As said by Arun awhile ago) you have to make actions to reach your goals, even though you'll fail.

Second chance, there's always a second chance. =)

Don't get me wrong, the moment I heard the winners, which does not include my name, I want to cry but felt I was too old to cry there haha! As someone in the arts (till now i can't call myself an "artist"--there's too much exclusivity in that title!) The air was sad, and it even rained to match my gloomy mood. I listened to sad songs in my phone on the way home, because I am emo like that. Haha! BUT! I just love my family who were there for me..even physically being there! And my friends who texted me coz they know today was THE day, based on our chit chats and from reading my blogs! :-) I really really appreciate the support everyone around me is giving me. Thank you for the love! :-) <3


  1. I'm sorry you didn't get it.
    And yes, there is a second chance!
    Good luck.
    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


  2. Thanks so much tywo! I really appreciate too all the support from an online friend :) Hope your weekend was great too! Independence day here in our country called for a longer weekend (till monday, hehe)..:D

  3. congrats again, ms. ana for winning 2nd place!:) may i say you really are creative first place or no first place :)

    oooh i LOVE your zebra top!! can i have it?? haha

  4. thank you ava for being the sweetest! =) i guess contests serve as challenge to the post grads like me...who arent having exams and recitations na :) i loved the thrill it gave me!

    hahaha thanks sis! :D pasalubong ng ate ko yan, dko mabenta nga e hehe ;p

  5. hindi na nagyayaya sa movie. bow.

  6. ok no comment ako tameme, ill talk to you in person!hmp


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