Coz I can't just let that sale pass by! =p

Friday, June 11, 2010

I have no plans whatsoever, but here I am trying to book myself in the popular airline in my country today: Cebu Pacific! All thanks to this airline for the trips my friends and I have been to the past years--all because they're fond of throwing away seat sales...50% slash on regular rates, or even more! I remembered going to the beaches of Coron (palawan) with Geo last year, and paid only P600 airfare roundtrip! (around $13!)

Anyway, back on my frustrating attempt to book, the news actually came from my sister who has booked herself and some friends for a trip to Cebu for only P100! ROUNDTRIP! ($2!)...just in time for the Sinulog Festival! ;p Cebu Pacific just advanced its supposed to be June 11 Phil Independence Day Sale (it was just June 10 here)! Everyone in the country who is into the traveling-craze got crazy and cross-eyed trying to bag a cheap-flight online! ;p My Ate said someone even got a P40 roundtrip flight! (barely a dollar! ;))

Anyhooo..All the dates for the festival are SOLD OUT already. Been trying since yesterday, and was super disappointed. Oh well, will try on the next CebuPac sale! :-) Go outside the country again, perhaps??? :D Now back to the site, try and try again! ;p


  1. I need to go out of this country so bad. I'm going back home in 6 months, and the tickets are so expensive! ha.
    I don't own Classy and Billy. They belong to my close friend. I always play and "horse sit" them. haha..:)
    Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Good luck with booking! I know the trouble trying to get a cheap flight :)

  3. Tywo: Where do you live? :) Hope you can find those cheap tickets! :) Hihi owning a horse (or even just horse-sitting them) is really cool! :D Hope you had a great weekend tooo! :)

    Nathalie! Thanks! It was so hard coz people are into "seeing the world" now, but Im willing to wait for the next sale!!! :D hihi! :)


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