Ideas for Coachella/Woodstock Themed Photo Shoot? :-)

Friday, July 23, 2010


I am sooo excited for tomorrow! :) Will have another "photo shoot" for my site, with Mimi as photographer this time! Will not model though (Hahaha, dumissapointed ba? ;D)...But will play as stylist for my products (mostly my new hats/head accessories). I'm SUUUPER thrilled coz Mimi invited me for this collaboration pictorial with the theme Coachella / I guess when it comes to hippie and the 60s, Anagon Collection is the store to call! Hehehe! :D Will have CJ and Chesca as models, hope I can have my photo taken coz I really like her sample shots and post-processing style!!! :) :)

Currently fixing clothes to bring tomorrow, and props..Any last-minute tips/ideas/suggestions my great fashionable friends would want to share? =) :D

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