It's like declining the proposal of a long time crush

Friday, July 23, 2010

So I woke up earlier than usual, checked out my mail, online shop inbox, facebook and twitter notifications, plus blogged my "Day5" of the 30 Days of Photographic Memories ... and had lunch at around 12:30 already...while watching a local noon-time show with all it's crazy contests. When I finished with my coffee (favorite part of the whole meal!)...I got a call from an unregistered number. I am not so fond of calls, but ever since I joined random online contests (hahaha) I answer these unknown numbers in the hopes that luck strikes back! :D Hah!

It turns out that it came from Summit Media. Just a bit of history: Summit is my BIGGEST dream company. My ultimate LOVE! Just like having a crush where you listen to his favorite bands etc (haha), my world revolved around Summit! All my big decisions were based on this dream of being together with this company. Like, ever since I was in high school I "stalked" its teen magazine: Candy! Still head over heels for this publication group, I took up Journalism in college in the hopes of being one of them. And then in fourth year I was finally noticed: my first published work and part time job as writer were both fulfilled by Candy. My internship was for Smart Parenting (also a Summit Media magazine)!

My love affair for the magazine company continues...even after heartbreaks over failed job interviews with them when I was still a fresh graduate (twice: one for Preview Editorial Assistant, the other for another department--PR I think!). I still buy the now defunct Seventeen Philippines, Cosmopolitan, and Preview, along with Candy parin syempre. I want to know the latest in fashion to help me with my online shop. I think I am super secured already with my shop (plus the big plans I have for Anagon Collection), that when I received the call, here's how it went:

Person On the other Line (POL): Hi Ana Gonzales please. This is __ from Summit Media.
Me: Hi! Yes speaking!
POL: I just want to ask if you're interested for a Beauty and Fashion Editorial Assistant job?
Me: Oh! Wow! For what publication po?
POL: For
Me: Wow! Ummm...I'm not suuure...Medyo busy narin po ako right now (I am currently busy...)
POL: Are you employed? (disappointed voice but still nice :))
Me: Self-employed, but medyo marami narin akong ginagawa so I'm not sure if I can handle a job now (self employed, but I have a lot of things to do that I'm not sure if I can handle a job now)

Out conversation ended nicely and politely... and just after that, after I hit the End Call button, the fast-paced events suddenly fell into me like a falling brick...a sensation suddenly rushed through my brain, punishing me and telling me I was CRAZY for declining my first love! "It's like declining the proposal of a long time crush"! After following him since forever, wooing and catching his attention, and I have moved on to a love that will never fail me (Anagon Collection my business! :))....Here he goes again!

But I just have to say that though now I am having second thoughts on my impulsive decision (I guess in a lot of things it's like that. You have to say your statement right away: Yes or No!)...I think I chose well. It's my initial answer, the "instinct" helped me, and I sure do hope it decided well.

I have different feedbacks from friends I texted and from my Twitter contacts, lots were negative maybe because they knew I was "Summit Girl" ever since!.....but my final say is that I am proud that I am over this love affair for something that isn't consistent. It broke my heart already, I moved on to something stable. As I texted to my friend "Nabigla lang talaga ako, na first time pinanindigan ko na si small business ko versus "dream company"" (I just surprised myself, it was the first time I stood up for my small business vesus my dream company). Before, I can't even write "entrepreneur" in the Occupation space of forms I fill up!

It would have been different if this happened in the past, or in the future..But right NOW, I think the important thing is that I FEEL I made the right decision. =)

Text from one of my good friends who is supportive of whatever I say (hehe): "Pero ok lang nga yan! Natry mo naman office work and di mo talaga gusto! Di rin kita maimagine pumapasok pa sa office hehehe. :p"
(But that's ok! You've tried working in an office already and you didn't liked it! I also can't imagine you going to work in an office hehehe ;p)


  1. haha i saw your tweet. well, i love you with anagon, so i think its a good decision :)

  2. Thank you so much Ava! :) This means sooo much to me, hoping to be known more for ANAGON ! :-) Cheersss!

  3. I think it's great that you let instinct guide you. That really means it's the "whisper of your heart" :) More power to the Anagon brand! And more power and success to you, sis! Love yah! :)

  4. awww ok this made me teary eyed =.) thanks sis, for supporting me since 05!!! :) :)

  5. Oh my goshhhh Ana!!! That's all I can say! That's a really awesome opportunity, I bet that was a really tough choice!

    But if it is for Candy, I bet it would really make you crazyyy. Hahaha! I just love Candy and working for Summit is a dream for me! :)

  6. SUPER ASH!! You can say that over and over and over again! :D Plus the position: for Beauty and Fashion! :D Gaaah! BUT! I really feel it wasnt for me, i dont know why!:D Hopefully it's for the best of Anagon Collection! :) :)


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