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day 30. a photo of you when you were happy

Since this is the last "requirement" and I'm done with this 30-day photo blog challenge (yipee! ;D)...I'd like to share the different moments that made me happy: My Many Firsts.

First bazaar stint:Anagon Collection in St. Scho Manila high school Family Day. January 2006. 
First published articleCandy Magazine Jan-Feb 2006, Reality Bites
First Magazine Feature for Anagon Colection: Candy Magazine Cover, July 2006
First styling job: Manila Times, Lifestyle Section. June 26, 2010

We all know that everybody has to start out somewhere. Even the various industries' big names have their stories. In my almost 5 years of being an online seller, I realized that I wouldn't be here if I didn't take the first steps: made the accessories (production), wore them in class (marketing), and caught the attention of my first-ever customers (my classmates! :)). The first purchase is always the most memorable!

day 29. a photo of someone you find attractive

So old school, hahaha! Hulaan niyo nalang kung sino jan, matapos ko lang tong 30day challenge hahahah! ;)


day 28. a photo of what you ate today

Was supposed to post this last night, but the moment I got home and hit the bed, wow! I don't want to part with my pillows ;p
Anyway, this is the Vegetarian Meal offered in New Bombay in Glorietta Food Choices. It's my cheap veg thrill ever since..for P155 only I have the samosa (the breaded mashed potatoes), colored rice, a choice of viand (here in the pic is their vegetable curry), and iced tea. I also have the option to make the food ssspicy! ;p (i love hot food!)
Dinner last night after watching UAAP with Ana. ;) Tiring day, yet super worthhh it! :)

no sweeter day than sabaday!

Here at ana's, so i'm ''mobile blogging'' again while waiting for her. I seem to be more in love with blogger lately. If not for my Barx (high school friends) in FB, I wouldn't really like to update much there, coz mine's becoming a Friendster-y account in terms of contacts, so i am plain shy to update random events in my life there when i know it will be read by an acquaintance from a seminar or retreat, or by someone i just worked with for barely a day, or by my relativesss! Hahaha! Anyway it's still a nice medium to share photos!

Last night we watched Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, and although I have a soft spot for our furry friends, didnt really enjoyed the film (sorry)..Rockwell cinemas are cool though, not too crowded!

Anyway, ana and i will watch the uaap live later, our universities will compete against each other for the first game (UP vs UST!)! We will be with my tiger-friends imee, ickay and vany! So excited! Go uste!ü

From my two singing visitors

After last night's heavy downpour, "sun is up, i've got so many things to do...
but it's alright (it's ok) i have to taste it
it's gonna be a good day (be a good day)
" (Repeat 2x) :)

One Good Day Coming Up -Bamboo

Always on my toes.

Look what I found out today! :-) Opened my weekly Multiply newsletter (which I just delete before ;p) and saw this! :D Third most talked about! Weee!

Thank you Lord! =) Hihi! But as the Daily Kabbalah reminds:

Today, when life brings you those successes, big or small, don’t put your feet on the table and relax. Know that you've just hit a milestone, and there are countless miles ahead.
Always on my toes!!! Busy meet up day again tomorrowwwww!!! Good night friends! ﭢ

New colors for my nails :)

My last stop awhile ago after meeting up with buyers in Manila and Edsa was in Festival Mall Alabang, the mall with Etude House and Face Shop! I was an hour early for the schedule I've set with my buyer, so I decided to leave my things in the baggage counter of Shopwise so I can stroll around and maybe look for new nail polish colors like cement gray or a certain purple shade (as blogged in this entry). Since I was inside the grocery already, I headed to their beauty section and checked out their selections, when I saw this:

A Caronia French Manicure set! :D 
All I know about Caronia is that it is a local nail care brand, but from browsing through their website, I learned that they also pioneered in local production of nail polish! And that this 1960s brand by a couple named Don Vicente and Belen Ang was actually named after a luxury ship! ;D I've been hearing it's different events and contests lately (good marketing! :)), like the one partnered with Candy Magazine. I though…
have a great day guys! 

View from across my computer...

Hihi! ♥

Sings: "Why do birds suddenly a-ppeaar..." Hahaha!

day 27. a photo of last summer, and them some..

Feeding the elephant in Cambodia! ;p

I don't know what last-summer-photo to post anymore! ;p Haha! I have been posting lots of pictures already from my May Vietnam-Cambodia trip in past entries, that I actually want to fast-forward to November --on my trip to Singapore with my ate and Alli! New trip = New stories to tell = New photos. Hehe! But before that, I really have to learn how to save, or if saving isn't really part of my vocab (for now), might as well work harder!
While we're at it, I have new quirky rings in my online shop! =) 

The gold cheetah ring was just sold, while the snake ring was just reserved by a guy! ;p I seldom get orders from the male specie since my market is really the school girls! But when I get order forms from guys telling me they'll give the pieces to their girlfriends, natutuwa naman ako!
*** Lastly, I wouldn't want to blog about this but I guess it is part of why I blog anyway: To express. 
Yesterday I just got my first hater comment. On p…

day 26. a photo of your favorite weekend

I love jam-packed weekends!

These past months, my formerly ever-changing schedule suddenly takes a pattern, which goes like this:
Monday - Wednesday: rest days, update online shop with new items, product shoot, answer inquiries and order forms
Thursday - Friday: Meet up days / Photo Shoots
Friday (night)- Saturday: Lamierda with Ana
Sunday: Family day, attend mass and then The South Feast in Festival Mall

So anyway, it's hard to pick the "favorite" weekend since I really enjoy mine every time by going out with my family and friends, so I'd rather post the latest:

Styling for Outbox Media with Pax, CPK and UCC with Ana, and then UAAP with Vany, Ickay and Imee. :-) 
I hope this coming weekend beats this! ;)

Note: Day 26! :D Whew! Few more days and I'm done with this overdue blogging challenge, haha! ;P


Reconstructing the Unsellable

I posted this cheetah print oversized top/dress in the Bullyvard section of Anagon Collection months ago. I think it's because of the size and because of Manila's weather, that's why my clients weren't really fond of this cotton vintage find. I love the print so much though, and decided that I need to make it more wearable. I thought of cutting the garment in the middle and wear it as coat, so I can simply wear it when it starts to get cold.

My only concern was that the neckline is "cowl", might not look nice when cut in the middle. But I did it anyway... 
Debuted on my stylingraket last Friday for Outbox Media:

I think the cowl effect gave my new coat the slouchy appeal. :-) I actually love it, and was even approved by fashionista friend Pax. :D Yehey! :-)
I'm thinking on what clothing to cut next, hahaha! ;p
Till my next DIY! ;)

Yes, Man! ;)

Finally, I was able to attend this Sunday's Feast with my family! :) (I missed the one last week =p) The theme today was on "Saying yes to everything"--even when it scares you, just so you can develop and share your talents. Use it or Lose it!

This week I realized that I am tired and drained, but also, I felt fulfilled for saying Yes to Life! :) Even with aching back from heavy bags I lug around while commuting, plus the lack of sleep and the crazy weather testing my immune system...I still went for the styling stint of Outbox Media with Pax last Friday at The Room in Timog/Panay Ave. (which is a land far far away for your Alabang Girl)! 
For the Ballerina theme, we actually applied Ashley Dy's DIY from her blog post! :D Shoutout to my fashionista sistah!!! :D I love that it's more "modern" than just letting the models wear tights and leotards! 

We started at around 10am and finished almost 10pm already! ;p We had 4 models (all girls: Aphol, Meg, Cristal, …