Day 19: 30 days of photographic memories

Monday, August 09, 2010

DAY 1: Your Face Book profile photo
DAY 2: A photo of yourself a year ago
DAY 3: A photo that makes you happy
DAY 4: A photo of the last place you went on holiday
DAY 5: A photo of you
DAY 6: A photo that makes you laugh
DAY 7: A photo of someone you love
DAY 8: A photo of your favorite band/musician
DAY 9: A photo of your family
DAY 10: A photo of you as a baby
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Day 13: A photo of your best friend
Day 14: A photo of one of your favorite family members 
Day 15: A photo of you and someone you love 
Day 16: A photo of you at the last party you went
Day 17: A drunk photo of you
Day 18: A photo of one of your classes

Day 19: A photo of you on a school trip

Tamems and Ens, the young versions! :D
Welcome to Festival Mall circa 2001! :D 

Hahahaha! This is most probably the weirdest field trip EVER! ;p My class in our sophomore year in high school went to Festival Mall, the mall my family always go to on weekends (till now! ;). 

Another weird but cool field trip we had in high school was going to Shang Mall then Divisoria - can you imagine all-girls trying to disguise themselves as normal shoppers? :D But I think it's cool that our school exposed us to all sorts of things! :) The point of the trip was to transfer from divi to shang (or vice versa)..I think! ;p We were required to ride the trains..and back then I had no idea commuting around the metro...Now I'm the queen of these things hahaha!

Back to Festival Mall, finally was able to attend The Feast again yesterday with the family, and it wasn't held in a cinema anymore, but in our very own space! Still in Festival Mall, near Tony and Jackey, the first Feast+Blessing of the new venue was super special, and even saw Bo Sanchez! He passed by the aisle where I was standing, and I was like a giddy fan girl and smiled at him...He grinned back! ;D

I love Bo Sanchez! :) He's the man behind GodWhispers (the letters to God that I repost here!) plus several books on businesses+living! :)

The blessing of the new venue.

I was also able to drop by the new Payless Shoe Source in Festival Mall...WEEE! Finally we have this US based store...and in a nearby mall at that! I love the shoessss coz they're size friendly! (Hello! I'm a size 10, and I fit their 9/9.5!). I love the arrangement too (by size)...Didn't get a pair though...Trying to save up till I'm already stable again financially (naks!). DELAYED GRATIFICATION! That's the motto of your entrepreneur, hahaha! ;P

Bus photo! Going home!
My favorite thing (always!) on field trips is not the destination, but the journey.
Food trips, kwentuhans, card games, video watching, joke time, etcetera..! I miss this!



  1. Field trips! That's one thing I miss most about school. Sigh, memories memories. Kahapon pa ako nagrereminisce ng kung anu-ano, nakakatakot 'to ah haha :D

  2. Hahaha! :D Ako din e!! This 30day thing made me look back on loads of things ;p
    To good memories, krissy! :) :)


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