Sunday, August 08, 2010

Can I just say....I just love Mons' family and friends! :D The last time, she was given a super-late *but better than never!!!* birthday surprise by her sister...Months after her birthday! ;p Haha! This year, now more on time (hehe), her boyfriend gave her a surprise thing by inviting us to a dinner tonight in Greenbelt! :D

The sweet couple: Mons and Bong! =)

I readily confirmed my attendance coz I am so excited to see my Barx!!! :D (name of my high school group, hahaha!)

My foodie! :) Tofu Steak!

Not everyone was able to come...Which I guess is hard anyway since we're 16 in the group, with two already living abroad! ;p 
Attendance L-R: Myey's boyfriend Pao, Myey, Mons the celebrant, Bong her boyfriend, Jopo Chickie's guy, BB Chicks, Mitch, Geo, Moi, and Reg! :-) (Though a bit late for this pic, Bodz also came! :D)

Surprised her with a Mango Bravo cake!!

Complete with the typical singing waiters! :D Haha!

With Geo, Reg and her power-red lipstick! ;), and Bodz! =)

My gift for Mons! :) They teased me with my Anagon Collection paper bag hahaha! :D

Anagon Collection is the hippie shop, so here's Reg imitating my Anagon clients hahaha! :D Love it! =) <3

Jopo, Chicks, Mitch, Curly Geo, Me! :)

The Barx Boyfriends!!! :D Hahaha! They told me to create a line for men and call it the MANagon Collection. Hahahaha!

So here's what I wore on this rainy Saturday night dinner with my loves:

Bowler hat, white tee, colorful cover up, denim shorts, black socks, brown sandal-shoes, brown belt, bracelets and fringe bag

The colorful cover up is a fave for me because of the side pockets--both are HUGE and will fit my money, cellphone, hanky, and even my cam! :p I love pockets! :p They make my messy life a bit easier haha! =D This coat was actually a top before:

Circa 2009 weight and Beatle hair haha! :D

...I decided to cut it in the middle, sew, and turn it into a cute coat. :-) Made it more wearable...and gave it more options in terms of wearing/styling it! :)

This was how I looked like also when I got home..Coz it was raining, and I only commuted. Plus, my bulging tummy from the heavy dinner made me uneasy with the belt cinching my waist, hahahaha! :D

I missed you all so much!!!

Oh! I just have to share that Bong had to text us several times for change locations since Mons wasn't really aware that we will be there...And she doesn't want the restaurants we were choosing for that night, which Bong was just relaying to her! :D Hahaha! Ang cute ni Mona, so demanding girlfriend hahaha! Thank God when she finally agreed on Conti's, coz we were already seated in Kitchen when Mitch texted us "Ayaw ni Mon's sa Kitchen!" Hahahaha!

When Mons entered Conti's, NO IDEA that we were we all shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And then I saw that she's wiping her eyes. Night just started but I knew the surprise was a success. =,) The good times (kwentuhans and laugh trips!) were all just added bonus! :)

I love you Mons!!! =) Happy birthday!!!


  1. aaahh looks like a great bday celebration for your friend! :D gosh, i miss my barkada back there too!!! we would always have these food trippings whenever i visit! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. Wah!! :D Good times with friends, im always "high" the next day, that when these things come to an end, super nakakamiss!!! :D Hope to see you here when you visit ha! ;)

  3. swear, ms. ana--CHICTOPIA! hehe you really should have one! i love your outfits :) and happy birthday to her! hehe loving the anagon paper bag!!

  4. Love how you transformed the top!
    Can't believe you sported the Beatle hair! Galing! So cute on you. :)

  5. Thanks Ava hahaha! :D That's so nice of you talaga, feel ko i cant keep up with chictopia though! ;p hehehe! thanks about the paper bag din hahaha, feel na feel ko daw online store ko dahil may bag nako hahaha! ;D

    Claud! :) Thank you!!! hahaha for both, risk lang talaga! ;p cutting a top, and having my hair cut THAT short! ;p

  6. Oh, I love surprises. That looks like a great birthday party.
    I love the picture of your bought some firm tofu about 3 weeks ago. I haven't figured out a way to cook it yet. I think tofu steak sounds awesome.
    Have a good sunday!


  7. Wee! That's so cool! :D My mom always buy the soft type tofu, i wonder where we can get the firm ones here..=) To more food trips to us! ;)


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