day 26. a photo of your favorite weekend

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I love jam-packed weekends!

These past months, my formerly ever-changing schedule suddenly takes a pattern, which goes like this:
Monday - Wednesday: rest days, update online shop with new items, product shoot, answer inquiries and order forms
Thursday - Friday: Meet up days / Photo Shoots
Friday (night)- Saturday: Lamierda with Ana
Sunday: Family day, attend mass and then The South Feast in Festival Mall

So anyway, it's hard to pick the "favorite" weekend since I really enjoy mine every time by going out with my family and friends, so I'd rather post the latest:

Styling for Outbox Media with Pax, CPK and UCC with Ana, and then UAAP with Vany, Ickay and Imee. :-) 

I hope this coming weekend beats this! ;)

Note: Day 26! :D Whew! Few more days and I'm done with this overdue blogging challenge, haha! ;P



  1. your weekend sounds awesome! <3 thanks for dropping by sis. and oh.. wasn't that hostage thing too horrifying? still makes me sad :(


  2. Glad you had a great weekend! And wait, you have haters too??? How can that be??? Eh ang bait-bait mo! Hay, damn haters! Be gone, be gone!

  3. Eden: Yes sis super scary =/ Sigh. Yes I love your blog so much! :) hihi!

    Kookie! Hay ayan napablog tuloy ako about it heheheh! :p Sana di na siya mapadpad dito. ;)


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