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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Feeding the elephant in Cambodia! ;p

I don't know what last-summer-photo to post anymore! ;p Haha! I have been posting lots of pictures already from my May Vietnam-Cambodia trip in past entries, that I actually want to fast-forward to November --on my trip to Singapore with my ate and Alli! New trip = New stories to tell = New photos. Hehe! But before that, I really have to learn how to save, or if saving isn't really part of my vocab (for now), might as well work harder!

While we're at it, I have new quirky rings in my online shop! =) 

The gold cheetah ring was just sold, while the snake ring was just reserved by a guy! ;p I seldom get orders from the male specie since my market is really the school girls! But when I get order forms from guys telling me they'll give the pieces to their girlfriends, natutuwa naman ako!

Lastly, I wouldn't want to blog about this but I guess it is part of why I blog anyway: To express. 

Yesterday I just got my first hater comment. On pointing out the poses of the models--that one I can tolerate since the pictures I posted weren't the final ones anyway (baka bumubwelo palang sila kaya ganyan ichura, hehe)...But telling me that I'm a "crap" and a "total waste of time" actually shattered my heart. 

At least I re-learned that I can't please everybody. But this shouldn't stop me from trying things that I love--like blogging and styling, right? The attempts I give for these crafts are so hard already, I hope people will just be nice. Please don't make it doubly harder by being mean. And, to quote my fashionista sistah Pax in her reply to Kookie's post: "If you can't say anything nice, then just go away and plant eggplants (in tagalog: go home and plant kamote haha!) "

Benta ka talaga sakin Pax forever! ;D

"I learned this blog from an acquaintance pa naman. Now I know she's reading piece of crap".

How can people be so cruel? What's the point? 
Personally, I guess I just have to think that at least this experience made me more conscious (although, can also be limiting) of what I publish. To improve. And carry on without stepping on anyone. When I still fail, then I guess I just have to harden my heart. 

May I not hate the hater. I place my life in Your hands. Instead, help me to improve myself. Help me to not give up. And even with my raw talents and amateur skills, thank You for I know that You are proud of me nevertheless. AMEN! :-)


  1. Whoah! That is one twisted move! Imagine the effort? Don't mind the haters sis, you know that there are MORE of us who love you :)

    Gonna share my experience as well. Last week when I checked my blog's stat counter I saw that someone from Muntinlupa, Rizal searched for my blog using the keywords "i am krissy annoying blog". E annoying pala bakit mo hinahanap? Saka excuse me, na lang ita-type ng diretso kailangan pa talaga un mahabang i am krissy annoying blog gamitin mo. LOL.

    Hay nako. Smile sis! Can't wait to see you, I have something for you ;)

  2. Thank you sis! :) :,) Now I appreciate the kind words more. :) Parang isang ganun lang, mapapagive up nako noh? thanks for telling me your story too...Grabe lang talaga mga tao, kahit anong gawin mo, mayron at mayrong negative na feedbacks. =/

    YEHEY!! So excited naman haha, I love surprises! :) See you next week sis! :) :) Mwah!
    This comment made me smile, btw. :) Thank you!!!! <3

  3. "What you feel is what you are and what you are is beautiful."


  4. YES!! :) How can I forget my Goo-Goo-Motto! :) Hihi! :) <3

  5. hi! I just found out about your blog! I'm all the way from Cebu. what's the name of your online store? totally crushing on your rings!!!!

  6. Thanks Gillian! :) It's :)

  7. I love your rings ana! Super wala na kong pangshopping ngayon. Hahaha. Uy hayaan mo na yang haters na yan. Keber! You don't need to be affected because you've been doing on your own. Listen only to people who matter to you okay! Love you! See you sa party! So happy!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  8. OMG! Idol talaga kita Nagon!!! If I were you, I would've been super B*TCH! Hehehe :) Lamu naman ako..

    But yah, hayaan mo lang sila. Never mauubusan ng hater sa mundo. Just know that we love you and we will always support you! Ako na lang aaway sa kanila for you!! :D I'm sure sakin, matatakot yan... kulasa ba yan? Hahahah! Better hide b*tch!!!

  9. Melai!!! Thank you so much for this comment and for texting me. I am so happy now na alam ko na lalo who are the worth it pansinin na mga tao..:,) I am so excited sa party narin!! Im so glad to have met real people like you in Blogger! :) I love you!!!

  10. ABIIIIII!!! Huhuhu, ayan ang namiss ko sayo, kay icah, at kahit kay myey and the rest of you guys hahaha! :D May backer ako hehehe ;D It's so nice to see you here so blog ko, uwi ka na munaaaaa!!! Benta sakin tong comment nato, namiss kita talagaaaa!!!!

  11. I LOVE THE RINGS!!!! :D

  12. You know what, a guy ordered a corset from me as a surprise gift for his girlfriend. So sweet! We were negotiating via PM the whole time so as not to get busted. :))

    Love the rings, Ana! Sana makabili na ako sa'yo. Haha. If only I weren't saving for something. Heee.

    Dang, haters. You're so bait but you still get haters. Basta just do your thing and give it your best each time. And and and when someone throws destructive criticism, pasok sa tenga and labas sa kabila. Don't listen to them. Listen to people who matter instead, 'cause they will be the ones to give you genuine and constructive criticism for your improvement. :)

  13. Hi claud!! :) Grabe, thank you! :) I hear you, and this means a lot to meee! If only constructive, carry pa ;p

    Ang saya naman nun! corset! :D Ang sweet naman ng ganyan hihihi. :D

    Thanks uli sis!!!


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