Saturday, August 21, 2010

Trying out mobile blogging again here at ana's while waiting for my turn to bathe haha. had a super long day yesterday with dear Pax when we teamed up for a styling stint with four models (all girls) and twelve themes! The extra challenge was that the themes were really really vast: think jumping from ballerina, to hawaiian, to hiphop! It wasnt an easy day, with lack of prep time and last minute info from the organizers, but at the end of the tiring day, i am actually happy with the people i met, and the experience this day gave to me...grace under pressure at it's finest. Anyhooo, will blog more next time hehe! Will watch ust tigers again later, hoorah for weekends!=)


  1. can't wait to see the styling stint you did, ms. ana!:) woop! i bet maganda yun!!

  2. oh, p.s. cool mobile blogging?? where and how??:D

  3. Hihihi hi ava! :D Pag wifi lang, so literal na i open blogger with my phone :) no option of posting photos though.. ;p


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