day 24. a photo of you that your hair looks nice in

Friday, August 20, 2010

I love it when my hair cooperates and when it's not limp. ;p 


When I tie it like this ^^ and it looks like I just had a really daring hair cut, hehe...When all I did was paying attention to my hair after taking a bath haha! ;p

Not so fond of drying my hair since I'm always late. My prep time when I have to go out is around 2 hours, but my coffee time and internet time seem to occupy this "allowance", that maybe someday I have to adjust my alarm 3 hours in advance. ;p 

Anyhooo...Like this morning, have to leave for Cubao by 8 (to reach there by 9.30, thanks to MRT!)...And it's already past 7! :p Will have to meet Pax there for a styling stint in QC for Women's Mag. 10 sets, 4 girls...Woah! Sooo...Gotta run! ;) Happy weekend guys!!! <3


  1. have fun with your styling gig!! :) exciting!

  2. I love your hair sis! Aww I want to have my hair colored, too! :D

  3. Thank you Lloydaaa! :) :)

    Hihihi go Krissy!!! It's a cool and and so expensive change of look! :)


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