Just enough strength to live for today.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I wasn't joking when I said I prayed superhard for my flu to be gone by Thursday (haha). Although sick since Monday, I have to go out come 4th day of the week to watch UST Growling Tigers' last game for this season...versus NU Bulldogs, plus, it was also my friend Ickay's birthday celebration!

Went to UST superearly morning to meet Vany and Imee for the Project Greeting Card for Ickay--to let the Tigers sign a huge card for the birthday celebrant. I was still too early since I opted to ride our family car--along with the working people of the family, as long as I do not take in much air pollution compared to commuting all the way from our house. ;p

During the game, I got by even with runny nose and hoarse voice by not getting too "cheery" (although minsan talaga hindi maiwasan ;p), and by drinking bottles and bottles of water that I always end up going to the restroom. =p

Dami namin yehey! :) With Vany, Alex, Imee, and birthday girl Ickay. :)

First 5, go team! :)

Coach Pido Jarencio!

UST Hymn.

It would have been cool to blog that "we won and going out even when I 'm still sick is worth it"...But then unfortunately, we lost again, sigh. It was all good, though. I know we have a long way to go, but I can see that the team has a big potential. I'll miss my Thursdays and weekends going to Araneta or in whatever faraway gymnasium. =p

After the game, I went with Imee to catch the players and coaching staff to sign Ickay's card. The celebrant was there after a few minutes that we had a hard time being discrete in approaching each player (plus, nahihiya din ako!)! But when we gave the card to her, she told us she didn't have a clue! It was worth it! =) Ickay treated us in KFC for dinner. :))

South Gate for the last time. =p

With Melo Afuang, Kim Lo, Jackson, Paulo Pe

They want a photo with NU's Mbe! ;D

Tiger ball signed by players and coach. =) Wala lang siii... ;p

Ickay's KFC treat! :)

Went out again last Friday as invited by Krissy in the media lunch event of a new Chinese resto in Green Hills: Crystal Jade. We were served 14 dishes all-in-all. It was I think the longest meal I ever had-- we were eating for around 2 hours (haha!)! Krissy and I were seated with her other friends Mich and Dewi, plus other media people and friends of the owner occupied the whole fancy restaurant. It was a nice experience, which I'll blog more in another entry. :-)

With my company for the big lunch! :) Mich, Krissy, and Dewi! :)

Krissy gave me the Fashion Accessories book I'm holding in this photo. :) <3

Red Mango post-eating event? :D Haha!

Went with Geo afterwards for my long overdue overnight in her house (haha). Survived the long day by taking Neozep/Decolgen every 4 hours. :p Saved me too from being mistaken as a crybaby when Geo and I watched the Tagalog drama movie Sayo Lamang that night with Tita Brenda (Geo's mom). Didn't dare sniff while watching coz I'm pacool that way hahaha.

Sleepover at the Hernandez was fun because of the people: Baby Bella is super cute and can now walk! Josh and Gilee watched cartoons the whole time in Geo's room--while playing with her IPad. Aise showed off her Ukay finds to me, we both love fashion! :) And Gillian is also into UAAP! :) And syempre, Tita Brenda made sure I have loads of vegetarian dishes for breakfast, haha! 

Geo had to watch her team Ateneo that afternoon so I left and met up Ana. Watched The American coz there were no more movies left to see (haha). Anyway, we enjoyed eating our Chimara sour cream popcorn and Airheads while "lounging" on a comfy dark place, haha! Then ate dinner at the newly opened resto in GB5 Krazy Garlik. 

Ana's order. Mine was Shepherd's Pie (vegetarian)...and the photos got lost/deleted..I don't know why. =/

Decided to sleep over at Ana's so I don't have to carry all my bags commuting home. The family fetched me this morning, with fresh clothes, and we went to my niece's 1st birthday in Jollibee Fort. I had fun watching the kids join the parlor games and dance with Jollibee. I feel so old for "just watching"! ;p

Meet my cousins and their asawas. ;)

Wasn't able to catch the UAAP Cheer Dance Competition--but I got updates from Ana. It's funny how you can rely on twits during basketball games, but how can I appreciate a dance contest without actually watching it? ;p Anyway, UST got the third place--I'm actually proud of my team already for bagging this (last year, we didn't land in any slot). The group is still rebuilding, like our basketball team.  Pretty soon, see us rise again and have our Golden Era back. :)

Attended The Feast and then Mass with the family this afternoon in Alabang already. I was super dead tired for not going home for the past days, but I realized a big lesson as aptly capped by the afternoon sessions with the Lord. I've been ranting to my friends that I didn't earn anything this week for being sickly and can't accommodate my meet-up-buyers. But when actually, I did earned even a few bucks through the bank deposit/shipping transactions. It might not be as much as when I am all out with my business..But then, it is still a blessing that I earned even when I don't have the energy and I wasn't in good condition. :)

Thank you Lord for making me well now. :)) And even when I was sick, for giving me "Just enough strength to live for today." 

Have a good new week, everyone! :)

Joy unspeakable that wont go away, 
And just enough strength to live for today, 
So I never have to worry what tomorrow will bring 
Cuz my faith is on solid rock, 
I am counting on God.
- Desperation Band, Counting on God

Some photos were taken from Ickay, Imee, and Krissy's sites. Thank you! :)


  1. so happy your survived the week, ana!:) it has been tough since you got sick. Sorry the tigers lost, but i believe they felt like winners through your support! I love your outfit during your group lunch!:)

  2. Ey thank you ava!!!:) Really tried resting myself to get well but wa epek hahaha! :D it was still a good weekend though :))


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