"Sick Leave"

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

There was a time when my dad said that people get sick because they did something wrong. I took this statement literally; thinking that catching the flu or high temperatures were caused by the bad things I did to others. When I got sick one time, I told my dad if this was because of my wrongdoings, and he clarified to me his words by saying that it wasn't because of doing something wrong unto others, but to yourself--like maybe I abused my body or I didn't eat right or I forgot to take my vitamins.

Last night, I already knew I was going to get sick. I was cutting cloths for my new Fringe Necklaces collection, but my shoulders were aching as if I was exercising or something. I didn't know what medicine to take (I am the "meds girl", I drink them the moment I feel symptoms of getting sick), so I took Biogesic. I knew the attempt to get well was a failure when I woke up in the middle of the night with high fever. And all I thought about that night was thank God it was only Monday night...I still have few more days to recover before the Tigers' last game (haha).

My wallet is a mini-medicine kit: Neozep and Decolgen when I feel that I'll catch colds or my super dreaded flu, and Biogesic for my constant headache. Add to this, I have a bottle of Vitamin C; I diligently take two tablets everyday.

Last week had been full-force for me: 

Tuesday was spent meeting up suppliers and buyers, photo shoot with CJ at home for Anagon September Newsletter, and then going to Bicutan to meet up Geo for Abi's accessories. 

Wednesday was spent meeting more buyers in UST, greeting Growling Tiger's Tata on his birthday, meeting Tamemsky for dinner and our make-up sesh, and then attending the fab Glitterati event that same night. 

- Screamfest Thursday for another UAAP game day

- Friday was my only rest day, which was also spent making accessories, shipping paid items, and answering online inquiries and order forms. 

Saturday was movie club day with Ana in Rob Galleria--where I also had a meet up. 

- And then Sunday was another game day!

The big reminder for me is in the form of getting sickly since yesterday. The fault was that I wasn't taking care of myself anymore. My daily 1000mg/day Vit.C wasn't enough when I go out and about the Metro, sniffing and taking in all of Manila's air pollution while I commute from one location to another, and then not going home for a day. ;p 

I am officially on hibernate-mode till Thursday, while I load up on water and vitamins (and maybe, sleep!). I am settled here at home with my housewifey activities such as braiding cords and attaching charms, and designing headphones with colorful beads for a nice client. Energizes my weakening wallet, too. ;p

Do visit Anagon for some new uploads! :)
Just a little trivia: I named my Wrap Bracelets after the current line up of the Growling Tigers, plus Coach Pido and my UST friends Imee, Vany and Ickay! ;) Hehehe! Spell obsessed? 

Can't wait to go out there again! ;p

PS: Super sakitin ko, nakakaiyak! 


  1. Ms. Ana even if you're sick you still don't fail in creating cute things!:) I love the new wraps. Take it easy and get well sooN! Sending you GOOD VIBES!!

  2. Oy vey. Rest up! You're quite the busy bee. Tama yan, hibernate ka muna... relax & do some of those cool crafts you do. PS: I like the red one at bottom left! :) See ya soon sis!

  3. Ava thankyou for your kind words!!! :) Your support always means a lot to me sis, thank youuu!!!! <3

    Imeeee! Naku teh di ko kasi kayang mag miss out na ng game at patapos nanaman ang ating season hay =p Thank you so much a! :) See you soonest!!! :)

  4. Yikes, get well soonest sis! See you on Friday! :)

  5. Get well soon Ana! I do love your work online. Goodness I know the feeling of getting sick and vitamins do help to a certain extent. Rest up and you'll be fine in a jiffy.

    God bless you sweetie. :)

  6. Oh dear, I hope you are feeling better now. You dad is so funny:)
    I was sick for 3 days. Stupid running
    You are still wonderful when you are sick. I love how creative you are.


  7. Ai: oo nga e super uso =/ habang hindi ako tinatamaan feeling ko napaka tibay ko, ayan tuloy! hahaha! :D

    Krissy!!! Yes Im super doing my best! :) I want to see you on friday na super ok nako! :)

    Velire! Thank you so much! :) Your blog is a cool new find! :)

    tywo! :D hahaha! that's why i love my dad! :D oh my, you get well soon tooo!!!

  8. You're like my classmate. She has a biogesic inside her wallet too. :))

    Get well soon! :)

  9. Haha :D Super reliable kasi for me ang meds hahahaha !:p hope hindi lang ako maimmune ;p thanks nadine! ill join candy fair na yey! pay nalang ako then ok na :)

  10. Those bracelets are adorable :)
    Hope you feel better soon!

  11. Hi Ana!thanks for dropping by my blog!

    Get well soon dear!Just like you, I have medicines with me all the time. hehe. and I like your new bracelet!:)

  12. Thanks Spence and Denise! :) Went out today, but still down with the flu, sigh. =/

  13. Hey Anagon :)

    Cute blog! Those wrap bracelets are super cute.

    And, I'd take the flu over what I have now: I've got a scar in my eye :(

  14. Ang cute ng blog mo Arriane!! :) Awww what happened, san nanggaling your scar??? =/


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