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Monday, September 20, 2010

I always say, pakape lang, ok nako! 
But the big geek that I am, I also love receiving books or magazines! :D 

1) A big hardbound book on fashion accessories then and now from my dearest buyer-turned-friend Krissy. She gave this to me when we went to the Crystal Jade Media Lunch, and said she even bought this treasure from Ebay. 

I really love browsing through this accessory-encyclopedia, and going through the "it" accessories from the different eras made my mouth water (seriously, haha). Also, it just shows how trends do just come and go (and come back again--with a little twist), and it's nice to be inspired from the oldies-but-goodies too!

Why hello 1970s clogs! <3

Can you spot the cute 70s Oxfords/Brogues? :D

This book was given to me for no specific reason/occasion. As they say: "Just because!". :))

2) My first encounter of the cool Asian fashion magazine ViVi was through my buyer-turned-friend Ella. We had a meet up in Rob Place when she showed me this really-thick awesome magazine. We haven't met for awhile, and I lost this copy when our house went through renovations. So when my mom handed me this magazine again, I messaged Ella and she said I can keep it! ;) Yehey! 

It's a 2009 copy, but the styling in this mag is timeless--and even different from regular glossies! :-)

3) Another Asian magazine (I think it's Chinese), this time on accessories, given to me by my Anagon model/photographer CJ. She surprised me with this on one of our shoots for my little e-zine. :)

I really love these non-mainstream magazines or books, they have different and unusual ideas that go beyond fad! =)

Comes with complete instructions and how-tos! :))

I have the most thoughtful friends and buyers! :)) Thank you KrissyElla, and CJ! :) I super appreciate these!

Just a thought, I hope I'll win Saab Magalona's Hunger Games Books giveaway, hehe! ;)

Currently Reading: Ana's copy of Catching Fire! :)


  1. Glad you loved it sis! The book is MEANT for you :)

  2. Thank you sis, you know I love youuu!!! Hope to see you uli soon! Eat Pray Love!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))

  3. lovely books!:) the one that krissy bought is awesome! brings you back the past styles that are IN now :)

  4. wow the first book looks wonderful :D i love the idea of having a book that shows fashion through the eras :) cool

  5. Super cool noh marla? :) With accessories as my bread and butter, this book is just precious ! :))


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